Top 10 Freelance Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

Top 10 Freelance Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

Self-employment is a great step to make because you only get taxed for the profits you make and not the income. You have an increased earning potential since the profits you make go directly to your pockets and you’ll be judge and jury on how to spend it. 

This solitary work culture gives you a great chance to balance your working time and create a conducive environment for you to explore the world while still at it. Here are some ten ways that a traveler like you can get a high-paying freelance job.


1. Travel Blogging

Put your travel experience into words then share it on social media like a blog. You’ll need to be good at WordPress and after accomplishing that, let affiliate marketing do the magic. Document your trips and if you share good content, you can make a good living out of it. 


2. Social Media & Marketing

A social media guru like you can’t miss engaging with his or her audience daily through work. If you’re in love with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, this line of work should be thrilling. Your job will be as simple as building brand awareness to the public, creating more leads and improving customer engagement. 


3. Graphic Design

All you need is your laptop with you as you travel while venturing into this work. You get to decide how a website looks by creating a layout with your desired fonts and images. It’s even simpler if you are an amateur in web designing with the use of sites such as, you can create a web page within the shortest period.

If you are a parent, you should bear in mind how traveling affects kids’ education to ensure that you are available to them when they need you. This will make your work engaging and meaningful.


4. Online Trading

This is the use of the electronic method of trade to sell your stocks through an online trading platform such as forex, stocks, and E*trade. These products sold include stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives, among others. 

All you are required to do is manage your account, update news feeds and be on the look for charting packages. Just start small, grow big within time, and always be on the lookout for changes in the stock market to avoid incurring losses.


5. Copywriting

It’s a great experience to write while enjoying the sea breeze at your comfort. Duplicate writing involves writing a text for marketing through advertisement. 

The sales copy aims at increasing brand awareness in an attempt to lure customers into buying the product. Your work is to write about the advantages of the product you are selling and promote it too. 

You can learn a few tricks about it when you order your next academic assignment from well known essay writing service. EduBirdie. Interacting with expert writers who write everything from thesis and dissertation to web marketing content is always great fun.


6. Affiliate Marketing

Jamming the internet can be quite hard but with the right search engine optimization, this will turn out simple. You’re rewarded per your efforts of affiliating customers to your advertising link. 

The more you work hard on getting to reach your viewers, the better you are paid. This can be very encouraging when you hit the nail on the head but when the competition becomes too stiff, you may incur losses. Be on the lookout for changes by Google’s algorithm.


7. Playing Poker Online

This is a legal game played by various online players across the world. You get engaged in online tournaments that occur at different stages and you send in player requests. You can be sunbathing at the Amalfi coast in Italy while earning money as you play and win poker tournaments. 


8. Ecommerce

Amazon and eBay are among the most sort out trading sites by online buyers and this could be your chance to sell out your items on these platforms. These internet commercial platforms use websites to enable easy access of customers to their goods. 

Enlisting your product on one of these e-commerce platforms at the comfort of your adventure in Dubai is as simple as it is easy.


9. Digital Assistant

You can provide payable online services to companies and entrepreneurs at a remote location in France. You can manage an event, calendars, appointments and emails. Most employers have numerous calls on Skype that clog up their schedule, which you can answer on their behalf. This simple job will only take a few hours of your day.


10. Become a Landlord/lady

You’ll only require using Airbnb app to keep you on the map and a house manager to ensure that your tenant is comfortable. You get to earn more each time you get highly reviewed for the good services.


Get to pick the best traveling job that ensures your earning and having an adventure. It’s best to do what you love most while ensuring you have a source of income. If you are sure enough and passionate about what you’re doing and you’d love to explore at the same time, think hard before making the final decision.