Au Pair in the USA

Company : Cultural Care Au Pair
Location : USA
Duration: 1 year to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 1000 to 1250 £ Pound (UK)

Between our large selection of host families across the USA and the extensive training, preparation and support we provide, Cultural Care Au Pair is the top choice for thousands of au pairs every year.

Life doesn’t change if you don’t. Become an au pair in the USA to experience new cultures, gain a second family and jump start your future.

If you love children and crave the opportunity to experience new cultures, the au pair programme could be the perfect next adventure for you.

With 30 years of experience, Cultural Care Au Pair is America’s leading au pair agency. We help you through the entire process, from finding a host family, to obtaining your visas, to support on the ground in the US. We have thousands of host families to choose from, who are all screened and given background checks, to ensure your safety and happiness in the USA. 

Cultural Care au pairs get the chance to live with an American host family and experience all the amazing things the USA has to offer. You’ll take courses at an American college, earn money each week, and learn valuable skills caring for your host children. During your time off, you’re free to travel anywhere you’d like to see in the US! You’ll also gain valuable educational and professional knowledge that will look great on your CV. You’ll also meet other au pairs from around the world, living the same experience as you!


Through your experience in the USA, you’ll become ultimate global citizens. You learn to see the world from new perspectives, master how to communicate with people different to you, all while gaining experience living abroad.



Start Dates

All year round

Costs / Benefits

Minimum stipend of $195.75 per week
Food and accommodation included

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Cultural Care Au Pair Au Pair in the USA Reviews

Best decision of my life

Becoming an au pair has been probably the best decision of my life so far. I’ve been in the States for over a year and a half now and I’ve loved every second of it. I found new home, family and friends, and have learned so much more than just English.
I don’t have experience with any other agencies besides CC so I can’t really compare, but as far as CC itself goes, I’m really happy. They’ve done all they could to make sure my au pair years go smoothly, I have an amazing LCC who supports me and helps with any questions/issues that may come up.
If you have a desire to become an au pair but are still hesitating, don’t. Just go for it! It will be worth it and you won’t regret!

By: Natalie
Nationality: Czech
Age: 22

Go For It

I would recommend going to the states as an au pair with Cultural Care, I have had the experience of a lifetime and got to live the real American life.

By: Lenka
Nationality: Czech Republic
Age: 22

No regrets

I decided to do an Au Pair after graduation to improve my English. I thought it would be great to do it while doing something I love: working with kids.
It didn't take long to find an amazing family and Cultural Care was assisting me with any problem or question I had.
I spent an awesome year on the East Coast and met other Au Pairs I'm still (after 3 years) friends with.

I know I was lucky. I've heard stories from Au Pairs who didn't have that much luck with their family. Au Pairs who would not recommend this experience.
But you should know that you can switch families if you're unhappy.
You don't have to think "just a few more months".
Cultural Care will help you and place you with a new family until it fits.
It is really important to find the right family.

Don't be afraid to say No until it fits.
With the right family it is an awesome experience.

By: Jasmine
Nationality: german
Age: 22

The best decision I’ve ever made

Hey I’m Vanessa, 19 years old, from Germany. Becoming an au pair was the best decision I’ve ever made. I learnt so much about myself and my English is getting better and better. I’m here with Cultural Care and can really recommend them. They are caring so much about me and I feel like I could contact them everytime if there is a problem. I had to do some online courses about babysitting, the US and the language and it really helped me. In the trainingsschool we did most of the stuff again, but it was still fun to meet so many new people and start the year abroad with them. They planned activities for every evening and the food was great. I talked to au pairs from other agencies and they didn’t go to a trainingschool or they didn’t do activities.
And while I’m in my hostfamily, I got a lot of support too. I had some struggles with my LCC, but the office from Germany and Boston cared about me so much that this was not a big deal.
If you want to see more about my life in the US or if you have any questions about being an au pair or about Cultural Care, just text me here:

By: Vanessa Bellgardt
Nationality: German
Age: 19

Long Island au pair

What an amazing experience. Only been here for 1 Month and I already want to extend. Such fun! ❄️🎄♥️

By: Natasché
Nationality: South African
Age: 20

What it really is like to au pair in the US

Hi Everyone!!
I am currently an au pair in Texas with Cultural Care Au Pair. I have been in the US for about 5 months and I am honestly only now starting to enjoy it. My first 2 months I spend with a family in Manhattan New York. To be honest, New York is the one place in the world I dislike the most. But that is just me. I am totally not a city girl and I was blinded by the fact of seeing the big apple so I ended up with a family that was not a good match at all. I still learned a lot from the experience and even though it didn't work out I still get to say I lived like a local in New York. Now I take care of a little boy and girl in a really small town in Texas and I AM LOVING IT!!! The Texas culture is so amazing to experience because everyone is proud to be a Texan and everyone is proud of the univercity. That is something I think is really cool. My LCC is also great support. She helps me a lot with things I struggle. Since I am the only au pair in my area our meetings are normally very short . As for my host family, they have made me feel at home since the moment I got into their car at the airport. But a question I get a lot is would you recommend Cultural Care to anyone. Honestly if you truelly want to be an au pair then Yes. They really go the extra mile. But first you need to decide if you really want to do this. If you want to travel a lot I would not suggest you being an au pair. There is a lot of other options that actually pay more so you could travel more. If you do not like kids then its a total no-no! Yes its true that you only work 45 hours a week, but remember when you are off that doesn't mean the kids are not at home. And sometimes you are just going to want to spend a little time away from the kids and that is a hard concept to explain. My host kids know that my room is off limits and yet quite frequently I get woken up with a knock on my door just after 6 in the morning by my 5 year old host kid because he just wanted to make sure if I am still sleeping. Yes its adorable, I know, but if you went out with friends and only went to bed at 2am then that becomes a little less adorable. This is a great oppertunity to learn more about different ways of raising children but if you just want to be an au pair for the travels I would suggest you not signing up.

By: Inge Venter
Nationality: South African
Age: 19

Cultural Care Au Pair

I absolutely love the experience and opportunities that come with travelling across the world to be an au pair. The family make you feel at home and the company will contact you all the time to check that you are okay. We are a small little family. It gives you the ability to travel all over America and experience and emerse yourself in the Culture.
I love this year and would not change it for anything.

By: Riley
Nationality: Australian
Age: 18

The year of your life!

To become an Au-Pair in America is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is an awesome experience and you get to know a lot of new people and find your second family in another country. To achieve this goal, Cultural Care Au-Pair is one of the best organisations. They always support you and give you the information and help you need. From day one I felt super comfortable with them, doesn’t matter if I’m Germany or in America. I always got the support from them I needed. Another good thing is that you have a LCC (Local Childcare Consultant) right living in your area, if you have any problems or issues. I’m in America now for almost a half year and I still feel so comfortable with Cultural Care.

The only thing I can tell you: If you can dream it, you can do it and this year will bring you so much for your future life. You are living with a host family who shows you all the traditions that belongs to the American Culture. You’ll also get so much more self-confident and get a whole new view on the world.

"I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am."-CC

You can also follow my year on social media’s:
Instagram: annakozi49
Snapchat: lenchenkoz49

By: Anna-Lena
Nationality: German
Age: 19

Beyond amazing!

Hi! I am Maiken, 22 y/o!
I am currently living in New York As an Au pair. I am on my second term with the same family!

I am from Denmark, which is a very very small country compared to USA! I cannot express how amazing an opportunity this is!

I am not gonna lie. It is very scary at first, you are leaving your family, your network and everyone you know, to go to a foreign country to live with strangers. But itis absolutely something I have not regretted doing.
It is something that I highly recommend doing, it is an experience. Just in America there are so many things to see!

I am with the agency Culture Care Au Pair, which gives you a great network, they have several au pairs from over all the world. They offer you great training and even before you sign up, they give you an opportunity to learn more about the program and what is expected of us, the families and the agency!

Do it! Get an experience you might never get!

By: Maiken
Nationality: Denmark
Age: 22

5 months in America - ups and downs!

Hi there!
I'm Jessica from Germany and I'm already more than 5 months in the USA! First of all - yes, the time flies by! ;) And yes, I love it here and I'm in love with this experience! AuPair in general is a good chance to get to know yourself, to grow, to travel and explore, to get to know other cultures, to make friendships...
What I liked about CulturalCare is that they are focused on placing AuPairs in the USA and that they have many years of experience. The whole preparation process in my home country was very good! They helped me with the application, filling out and getting nessesary documents and I liked the presentation they made about their agency. Although, I have to say that the matching process could be better since you can only match with one family at the time until they release you or you them (after 24hours). That could be improved by making it possible to review maybe up to 3 family profiles at the same time. However, in the beginning I was really unsure if I should really do it but CulturalCare always kept in touch with me and pushed me to do it which was good because otherwise I might not be here now! I flew in the summer time which was good because there were a lot other AuPairs flying with me which made it easier. The training school at the Hofstra University was amazing!! I'm still in touch with 3 of the girls I met there and I will visit one of them in New York soon. The stuff was very friendly and tried to make it fun for us. Of course, the day in NYC was amazing, too! At the end of the week we all flew to our families. I was nervous and excited. Again, the flights and how to get to the airport was organized by CulturalCare. Unfortunately I was not happy in my family or more with my single host mom. She didn't treat me well and we didn't get along with each other well. And now there comes something with what I was not happy at all. Very surprisingly my LCC came and I had to leave the house and I was in rematch. My LCC and my host mom did wrong in that time by not informing me and giving me the time I would have had to get. My program director was helpful in that time and in the end I found a new family in Florida but the whole process was frustrating and chaotic and you only have 2 weeks time. Another benefit with CulturalCare are the LCC meeting where you can meet other AuPairs and - depending on the LCC you have- those meetings are fun.
I will soon write a blogpost about my experience so far with more information and tips but for now I can say that I would recommend the agency but there is still potential to be better and to improve!
》 If you're interested in getting to know more of what I'm doing here in America check out my instagram: jessbensson

By: Jessica
Nationality: German
Age: 19

Familytime meets adventure time.

Hey everyone!
Right now I'm in Utah to visit a friend who I met the first time in new York at the training school. You can find real friends there even though it's just four days. The cultural care au pair training school is one of the many advantages of CC because every au pair flies first to new York to make sure they are good prepared to be a nanny for a whole year. But even before I came here they helped me with my application, with my references and all questions I had. Everything was fine with my flight from Germany to NY, but when I wanted to go to Minnesota (where my Host family lives)after the training school, my flight had been cancelled. Once again I called CC and they helped me to rebook a flight for the next day and booked me a hotel for this night in NYC. The first weeks in my family (near Minneapolis, the capital if Minnesota) have been really busy and exciting because everything was new and I didn't know anybody. But my host parents helped me with the most important things like opening a bank account and the first driving here in the US. In general I have a very good relationship to my HP because we can talk about everything (like problems with the kids or homesickness) even though they were my first match! I still can't believe it because some other au pairs needed 20 matches to find their perfect family. But CC tries to find the perfect family for everyone and they do a great job. After three weeks, the new school year began and three of my five host kids started to go to school. I know: 5 is a lot, but they are really good behaved and it makes it much easier, that the three older ones (8,7,5yo) are at school the most if the time. So I have just two little boys (3,2yo) for the most time. Almost every weekend I'm off because I work all the 45 hours during the week and I appreciate my free weekends, but schedules vary and some au pairs also work on weekends because they have hours off on weekdays when the kids are at school. Through CC, the LCC group and things like that it's very easy to find other au pairs in your area and so it didn't take a lot of time to make new friends in the first weeks. But I also met new people in the church youth group or at the gym. Most people are nice and open minded and so it's easy to connect with people. In my family everything is fine with the parents and the kids, but I also know au pairs, who had to do rematch because it didn't work out with the family. This is no easy decision but the LCC's do their best to show all opportunities and to help. CC is looking for new families who match better with the au pair and of course the pay the flight to the new family. So they are with you on good and on bad days and try to answer every question. I'm really happy with my choice to come here with CC as well as many of my friends because they are a great au pair agency!

By: Anja
Nationality: German
Age: 18

+10 Cultural Care!

My name is Angela, I’m from Colombia and I decided to came as an Au Pair to the US with the agency “Cultural Care Au Pair”. I must tell that from the beginning, it’s all been great with Cultural Care (it’s just MY opinion according to my experience). From the very start they show you how much experience they have working with this kind of exchange and that’s gonna make you trust them immediatly (I did it and I don’t regret it). One of the things that Au Pairs complain the most is the fact that LCC’s always take side for the families when it comes to any situation... Lots of girls say that LCC’s are worthless; in my personal opinion, both of my LCC’s (I went thru a transition process) have been great. The 1st one, at the end, did take the family’s side, hehe but that was obvious, she was a friend of my host mom’s (she’s also an LCC) the one I have now, it’s just awesome and looks like she actually cares about all of her au pairs! MY PERSONAL OPINION is that Cultural Care is a really serious and great agency to come with!!

By: Angela María
Nationality: Colombian
Age: 23


Hi Guys,
I am Vanessa, 20 years old
I am Au-pair now since approximately 2 months.
The departure from my home country was so exciting.
And I am in the Boston area by a great Family.
I spend my time with two kids one boy (6) and one girl (9).
The start was not easy for both, for them I was a new au pair and for me it was a new country and a new Family and a other language.
But anyway i have a good connection with my host Family and I am doing the best possible.
My day during the weeks are:
Mo|Fr. 7:15|9:00-3:15|6:30
And on the weekends I often go out with other Au-Pair friends from other culture. (Netherlands|Sweden|Austria|Germany|France|...)
I want also to travel a lot, like on the weekend (8|9|10/12) I am going to Canada.
For New Year I am trying to go do vacation with à French Au-Pair somewhere else.
I was looking Haarvard-Yale a. Football game. And I want to go watch also the Red Sox.
And I am planing to go to Orlando next year.
I will never miss this experience and I am so excited for the rest of my year.
I was not thinking about to exctend my year.
But you never now. 😉
If you have any questions you can find me on Facebook or write me:

By: Vanessa Hoefler
Nationality: Germany
Age: 20

Perfect au pair experience

I was an au pair in the USA from 2010 - 2012 and had a very good experience with Cultural Care. I always felt very well taken care of by the organization and especially my LCC (local childcare consultant). She organized fun monthly au pair meetings and was always available to talk and give advice.
What's very special is that Cultural Care's training school is located in New York. During your orientation you will spend one day in New York, exploring the city. What a great way to start this amazing time of your life!
If you would like to know more about au pair life, visit my website

By: Isa
Nationality: German
Age: 32

Au Pair with Cultural Care

Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm 20 years old. I am an Au Pair in America in the state Connecticut. I went with Cultural Care Au Pair and I love this agency. They helped me from the beginning till now and the next months. For one month I am here now. 11 more left. I think I will extend after this year with another family in the west. Just to see more of the country.
I can really recommend Cultural Care. They are amazing!

Feel free to ask me about Au Pair and/or Cultural Care.
snapchat: melissa_hase
instagram: melissa_hase
my own blog:

By: Melissa
Nationality: German
Age: 20

Start a completely new life - Au Pair in the USA!

You will get into your plane, fly to the most famous city we know of the world and you will be more than 6.000 km away (if you are from Europe or the eastern countries ;-)).
You have to build a completely new life, with a new family you barely know and find new friends on the other side of world.
But all of this is worth it! - Because you can do all of this and get the chance to do all of these things.
Explore something new, challenge yourself, grow and of course improve your English! All of this I had to handle and got to know when I became a Au Pair in the USA.

I am living in the USA with a wonderful family a little over 2 months now and I love it! All of the things we know from movies I could see with my own eyes. I had the chance o travel a lot and I can see a difference in my English now, too (it is not that good how I want it, tho, but it is getting better!). My family is amazing and welcomed me with open arms. I can really say, that I am at my second home now, only after two months!

Cultural Care helped me with all of my application stuff and they also help you anytime you need them in the USA. I'm really happy that I choosed this organization.

If you want to get to know more about my application process, the costs from the organization and my life as an Au Pair, just email me:

Thanks for reading :-)


By: Nadine Sitter
Nationality: German
Age: 23

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