Adventure Marine Volunteering in South Africa

Company : Deep Blue Conservation
Location : Sodwana Bay
Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1000 to 2000 £ Pound (UK)

Are you looking for Adventure Volunteer Travel? Deep Blue offers the experience of a lifetime, volunteering with a diving vacation all rolled into one!

Whether you're a diver or not we've got you covered! We offer PADI dive qualifications from zero to Divemaster and everything in between. Volunteers dive every day during the week in the morning, collecting photographic data on turtles, mantas, whales and ragged-tooth sharks. We follow African time so we are never in a rush, after the morning dive volunteers can either buy a second dive for the day, relax on the beach or grab something to eat. We then head back to camp to freshen up and enter any data we collected into the database.

Once database is done, volunteers are free to relax at the camp or go and explore the town. There are loads of awesome activities to keep volunteers busy during their stay, see the full list on our website. The days usually end with a bonfire at the camp which is great to experience a proper local braai (barbecue), socialise and relax.

Check out our website for more information!

Start Dates

The first Friday of every month.

Costs / Benefits

Price from £ 972.


Over 18 years old.
Must be able to swim.

Booking / Enquiry

Deep Blue Conservation Adventure Marine Volunteering in South Africa Reviews

Everything was so much fun and the diving was incredibly beautifull!

I spend 8 weeks at this project, before i came here i was afraid that 8 weeks would be to long but now that i finished it i wish i could have stayed for so much longer. Sodwana really is a magical place, the surrounding, the cool mindset of all the people living there and the AMAZING reef that lays beside Sodwana bay. The reefs contain a big variety of fishspecies, corals, morays, turtles, nudibranchs and a lot more. I had the honour to see it all, while making pictures of some specific animals for the databases. I espacialy enjoyed researching the nudibranchs, first i had no idea what those were but because of this project i now know how cool and weird these animals are. There is nothing like the rush of finding a new nudispecie for the database on your dive ;). When i was not diving i was mostly chilling at the beach or at the triton camp. Triton lodge is the accomodation you will be staying in. They make a fire everynight so that everyone can braai, you can also just cook in the kitchen next to the fire. The fact that everyone is cooking, eating and chilling at the fire together makes for some really fun evenings, espacially with the awsome staff present. Sometimes we would also go out for some dinner and drinks in one of the cool places in Sodwana (wednesday braai night is higly recommended). The weekend was a good oppertunity to explore the surrounings, going to Lake Sibaya for a braai was my favourite activity.

The couple that started this project have so much appreciation for the place (you will notice that in the chilled and informative lectures Jo gives) and they are doing everything they can to preserve it. They are also constantly making sure that you are having a good time and are just really nice and funny people.

All in all the best experience you could wish for!

By: Marijke van den Broek
Nationality: Nederland
Age: 18

Wonderfull diving on some of the best coral reefs in the world

I spent a month at deep blue. It was a wonderfull time, and the diving was exeptional!
The first days were spent learning to dive, and after that it was all about enjoying every single dive and collecting photos for the nudibranch/turtle database. After the dives we would write the species we found into the database, and usually have a lecture about the different aspects of marine biology that are relevant to the sodwana bay area. Other than that, we went out once in a while to eat at some of the different local restaurants, drink a couple a beers and play pool. Other nights we would chill at the camp around the fire, and talk to other guest and the staff at Triton dive lodge.
As a scandinavian it can be a bit of a culture-shock to go to a country where most rules a not strictley followed. Riding in the back of a pick-up truck whilst cows/goats/dogs/people are running in the middle of the road is not something that happens on a day-to-day basis where i come from, but for me it was actually a nice break from the strict and "square" society i am used to at home.
That being said, all rules and safety precautions whilst diving are followed on point! All dives were executed professionally both under my instuctional dives with Marius, and afterwards with the Triton staff.

All in all it was a wonderfull experience that i would reccomend to anyone who wants to take up diving, wants to learn about marine biology, and wants to experience a radically different culture.

By: Leander Hessner
Nationality: Danish
Age: 26

Craziest life changing experience!

I never thought a volunteering program could change my life... When we started diving after a few days of classroom and pool sessions I felt like a free man. I have never seen so many colors and life underwater. The ride to the beach everyday felt like a dream through the forest. After dives we slowly moved to camp and do lectures which I thought would be like in collage but it was so chilled. Lectures were more talking between each other and gathering information than listening to someone just talking.

After lectures everyone always hanged out at the pool and when you wanted to go to town, Deep Blue Conservation staff were always happy to give us a lift and hang out with us. The town Sodwana bay is very small town with only 2 shops, 3 restaurant and 3 bars but we always had fun and makes you forget about life outside that town. I can say so much more about my experience on this trip with Deep Blue Conservation, from the ocean, to the wild animals to the people... it all changed my life.

By: Lucas
Nationality: French
Age: 22

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