Madagascar Community Development Adventure

Company : Frontier
Duration: 3 weeks to 6 weeks
Approx Costs: 750 to 1250 £ Pound (UK)

Help contribute to providing an improved quality of life for local people living in such an underprivileged yet beautiful area.  This community development project in exotic Madagascar is the perfect meaningful paradise adventure.

A magical landscape punctuated by the strange, root like forms of beautiful and unearthly baobab trees, forest canopies filled with unknown species and unique creatures such as the minute mouse lemur with its round lamp like eyes, skimming kingfishers catching tiny fish from the limpid forest pools, and the curiously coloured tenrec, among thousands of other endemic animals.

All surrounded by an ocean that teems with an abundance of marine life, providing the perfect environment to discover diving under the glorious warmth of the Madagascan sunshine. Hospitable communities where you will find a culture that evokes the exotic aura of Africa with a distinctly French European flavour.

All this and more is waiting to be discovered within this unique island located in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. With this project you will experience the best that Madagascar has to offer, with an unforgettable teaching experience in a developing community, the chance to work in a Malagasy healthcare clinic and help to develop social and academic skills of vulnerable children. Join this project for a varied and exhilarating journey through this most tempting of travel destinations!



  • Discover intriguing and beautiful Madagascar, experiencing the culture and meeting the people first hand and in a stimulating variety of settings
  • Live in the Volunteer House located in central HellVille
  •  Make lifelong friends with your team mates and co-workers



  •  Intermediate to advanced level of French
  •  All participants need to bring a copy of a Criminal Records background check with them to the project site.
  •  All placements are dependent upon the submission of an up-to-date CV

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