Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

Company : GVI
Duration: 2 weeks to 6 months
Approx Costs: 1500 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

On this expedition, you will have the opportunity to live and work alongside an international research team assisting in critical wildlife conservation.

You will be living on a private game reserve in South Afria that is home to all the the Big Five, namely lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos. 

You will be able to witness nature unfiltered, from observing a lion taking down its prey, to seeing newborn cheetah cubs playing for their first time, or even witnessing a stand-off between two massive elephant bulls. However, unlike a normal safari trip, you have the opportunity to play an active and meaningful role in the research and long-term conservation of South Africa's natural environment.

During your time on the program, you will learn how to track and identify predators (e.g. lions and cheetahs) and megaherbivores (such as elephants and rhinos). The data that we collect is used by reserve authorities and conservation organisations to develop an accurate picture of predator impact on prey populations as well as determining the spatial movement, behaviour, social structure, and genetics of specific species. This information aids not only authorities to maintain a healthy balance of natural resources in the reserve but also helps conservation organisationss further their aims, and ultimately contributes to conserving important African species and habitats. Furthermore, you will also get the opportunitiy to participate in our environmental conservation program which we run in the local community!

Please be aware that you can spend up to 12 hours a day collecting data which can be tiring, especially in the heat of the African sun. This program offers durations up to 24 weeks, speak to one of our Enrollment mangers for more details. 


  • Listen to the quiet hush of the wild open spaces, wake up each morning to a chorus of savannah birds and drift off to the nighttime hum of endemic frogs and crickets. 
  • Learn how to track and record animal movements by mastering radio telemetry techniques.
  • In your free time, you can visit the famous Kruger National Park which is only one hour away from the GVI base or visit the nearby Drakensberg Mountains where awe-inspiring views are afforded over the Blyde River Canyon. 

Costs / Benefits

Since we opened our doors in 1998, we have spent over 65% of all funds directly on our projects. It is our mission to support field operations in the long term. Rather than abandon programs that recruit fewer volunteers we strategically invest from our fully staffed sites to help maintain our presence across the globe. The remaining 35% that is not directly invested in our programs covers the cost of volunteer recruitment, the operations of our head office.

Cost for the program by duration:
2 weeks £1,745
4 weeks £2,345
6 weeks £2,945
8 weeks £3,545
10 weeks £4,095
12 weeks £4,695


- 18+
- Basic to Intermediate English skills
- Criminal Background Check
- GVI Medical Form
- Good physical fitness

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