German Courses for Teenagers in Austria & Germany

Company : Humboldt-Institut
Location : Germany
Duration: < 1 week to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1000 to 3000+ € Euro

The Humboldt-Institut offers German language courses and summer camps for teenagers aged 13-17, 14-18 and 15-18 in various locations all over Germany as well as in Austria.

The schools in Bad Schussenried and Lindenberg are open year-round. In Schmallenberg, Kempten, Meersburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Vienna, the Humboldt-Institut offers German summer courses for teenagers. All courses include accommodation, full board, daily leisure activities, excursions, course material and a certificiate.

Our schools for teenagers are either located amidst beautiful landscape or in the very center of larger cities. We can guarantee students' safety independent of their choice of course center. Usually our students are housed in residential schools. In Meersburg and Lindenberg they can also choose to live in a host family.

We offer up to 7 different language levels, from total beginners to very advanced, or, according to the European Framework of Reference, levels A1-C2.

Our classes usually consist of 10 students. With such a small size we make sure that individual attention is given to every single course participant. As we focus very much on the communicative approach of the language we ensure to make every student talk and participate, while of course not neglecting the grammatical aspect of the language.

All course participants take a weekly exam which covers all the course content taught the preceding week, so that students and teachers alike can assess the progress made in the German language. Students are also expected to do some homework every day, yet they will still have plenty of time for extracurricular activities.


At a Glance

  • Intensive course: 30 lessons per week
  • Intensive courses over Christmas
  • Class size: approx. 10 students
  • One-to-one course: 25, 30 or 40 lessons / wk.


Type of Courses

Intensive Courses 30
In all of our centers for teenagers we teach intensive German courses with 30 lessons per week. The lessons are especially structured and designed for adolescent students: they are interactive and fun, yet at the same time demanding and very effective.

One-to-one Courses
We offer students the opportunity to intensify their German language experience by taking highly intensive one-to-one lessons. They can choose to take 25, 30 or 40 lessons per week.


Additional Special Programs 

Beside our regular intensive German language courses we offer special programs with emphasis on additional highlights. For Teenagers we provide the following:

  • Secondary Education in Germany
  • School Transition Courses
  • German for School Classes and Groups
  • German Language plus Skiing and Snowboarding

Location of Courses

Our schools for teenagers are either located amidst beautiful landscape or in the very center of larger cities. We can guarantee students' safety independent of their choice of course center. Usually our students are housed in residential schools. In Meersburg and Lindenberg they can also choose to live in a host family.

Bad Schussenried (ages 14-17 + 10-13)
Intensive German courses for children and teenagers all-year round between Lake Constance and the Danube and Iller rivers

Lindenberg (ages 14-17)
Intensive German courses for teenagers all-year round in the picturesque foothills of the Alps

Berlin-Teenager (ages 15-18)
German courses for teenagers in July and August in the capital of Germany

Cologne (ages 15-18)
German courses for teenagers in July and August in the city of Cologne

Düsseldorf (ages 14-18)
German courses for teenagers in July in the city of Duesseldorf

Oberallgäu (ages 13-17)
German courses for teenagers in July in the middle of the Allgäu region with a fantastic mountain view and many outdoor activities.

Munich (ages 15-18)
German summer courses for teenagers in July and August in the charming metropolis of Munich

Schmallenberg (ages 14-18)
German summer courses for teenagers, starting every week from June to August, in the land of a thousand mountains

Vienna (ages 15-18)
German summer courses for teenagers in July in Austria's capital


Residential schools
In our residential schools students live on the same campus where they have their lessons, which bears, of course, many advantages: course participants have all meals together, spend the afternoons, evenings and weekends together - hence it is very easy for them to make a lot of new friends from different countries in a short time.

Teenagers usually share a room with one or several other students, as most of our schools have 2-4-bed rooms, either with shared or en-suite facilities.

We are careful about choosing roommates according to several rules which have proven to be successful: we will match each teenager with someone of the same German language level, so that they can practice their newly acquired skills on equal terms, i.e. without frustrating neither the more advanced, nor the less trained student. We also make sure that the roommates are of similar age.

We never put two native speakers of the same language in one room, so that the students will hopefully have to use German as their primary language of communication with each other.

Our course fees for teenagers almost always include full board, i.e. we serve them breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, as well as a snack or some fruit during the breaks. In Meersburg students can choose between full and half board. Our kitchen staff is used to catering to this age group and offers tasty and healthy food, while finding a balance between typical German and international dishes. We can also provide meals for students with allergies, dietary or religious food restrictions (e.g. for Muslims).

Host families
In the host family, our students stay in single and twin rooms, and will have their breakfast with the family, all other meals will be taken in our school to ensure that they will be integrated in the group of students staying on campus. We have chosen all of our host families very carefully, know them personally, and guarantee that our students will be well taken care of there.

Here, the same rules apply as in the case of residential schools. Most of the families live within walking distance from the school. If the family lives further away, we organize a transfer every day.


Dates & Prices

Please contact us for more information on dates, prices and to make a booking. We look forward to hearing from you.

Booking / Enquiry

Humboldt-Institut German Courses for Teenagers in Austria & Germany Reviews


This summer, I wanted to improve my German. That's why I chose to study at the Humboldt Institute. I will never regret that I spent a month there. This time was magical, and unfortunately it went very fast. The teachers were very good and ready to help us. The atmosphere was very cozy, and sometimes I had a thought that I was at home. Thank you HUMBOLDT INSTITUTE, for new goals, for new friends, FOR HEALTHY REVIVALS.

By: Lichii Elizaveta
Nationality: Moldavian
Age: 16

The time of my life

I went to learn German this summer at the Humboldt Institut. I had been to other English language camps in the UK, but I never befriended other students from different nationalities, so I thought that it would be the same at Humboldt. It wasn’t! I loved this place so much because everybody was extremely friendly. I really enjoyed the lessons, making new friends and the nighttime activities which were so fun! I left Humboldt in tears because I had spent the most beautiful 2 weeks of my life. I will come next year and I can’t wait to see my friends again!

By: Enachiuc Maria
Nationality: Romanian
Age: 17

Best place to learn German!

I have been in Humboldt 3 times and summer 2019 is going to be my last year going to Humboldt Bad Schussenried as I will be turning 18. This place has changed my life, I have met incredible friends though the world, some of them became almost family to me as we chat every day and plan holidays together. Incredible place to learn German with fun, lots of activities, super clean rooms and welcoming staff. I am really thankful to Humboldt for such an amazing time there, I would recommend to everyone as it is simply amazing !!!!

By: Anastasia
Nationality: Ukrainian
Age: 17

I loved it!

I’ve been to study with the Humboldt-Institut twice and both times were indescribable! The courses improved my German skills. The teachers were interested in their job. I’ve met a lot of friends from different countries. All staff was helpful and we had a lot of fun together. Conditions of the camp are the best. Rooms are comfy, food is delicious. I recommend these courses, because you can spend time productively and have a lot of fun!

By: Anastasia
Nationality: Russian
Age: 15

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