Conservation Internship in Malawi

Company : Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
Duration: 4 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 2000 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

This internship is ideal for those looking for both ‘sanctuary’ and ‘field’ experience, building a range of skills across several conservation disciplines on projects that support both individual animal welfare and species management.



Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
Join the award-winning animal care team where duties include animal husbandry (feeding, cleaning, enrichment), orphan care, vet clinic support, observations, integrations and re-introductions.

Wildlife research
Working on our primate and elephant projects, you will be trained in all the necessary research techniques, which may include behavioural observations, individual animals IDs, population census surveys, habitat assessments, data entry and GIS mapping. Note that heavy rains can make access in Vwaza more difficult (usually Dec-Mar), in which case we can accommodate you at Kuti.

Other disciplines
Interns can also apply to spend time with the education, outreach, advocacy or campaigns teams.


Qualifications Required

None. We can tailor your placement if you are looking for specific skills or experience.


About Us

We are Malawi’s first wildlife sanctuary and environmental education facility. Our remit has grown in response to the emerging conservation challenges of the past decade and we focus on where we can deliver the greatest impact. Our mission is to safeguard Malawi’s wildlife and empower the guardians of the wild. 

All of the money raised through our volunteering programme goes directly into the wildlife centre and is not tied up in administrative costs. It also supports our education and community projects which are essential for the future of conservation in Malawi and allows us to provide employment for over 40 members of local staff.

With this we are also able to provide food and essential medical care for the animals, as well as improving and implementing our rescue and rehabilitation projects to ensure their survival not only within the centre but also when they are released back into the wild.


Costs / Benefits

• 4 Weeks: £2,235
• 6 Weeks: £2,985
• 8 Weeks: £3,550
• 10 Weeks: £4,030
• 12 Weeks: £4,450

Prices Include:
• Accommodation
• All meals and unlimited tea and coffee
• Airport transfers (on a Tuesday) and all work-related transport
• Orientation and full support during your stay
• Local sim card and t-shirt

Prices Exclude:
• Flights
• Visas
• Vaccinations
• Excursions, souvenirs, nights out, personal expenses, snacks etc

Booking / Enquiry

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust Conservation Internship in Malawi Reviews

Fantastic 9 week placement

I had a very fantastic experience, with like-minded staff members and volunteers, and everyday you can tell yourself you left a positive impact on the animals.

This is an excellent volunteering facility just outside Malawi's capitol. The sanctuary takes in mainly orphaned primates, but also any other animals that need care-taking. For every animal taken in, the goal is to release it into the wild again, and handling animals always follow strict protocols, where interaction is only allowed where absolutely necessary.

Animals receive all the necessary care to ensure adequate nutrition and a social setting as close as they would experience it in the wild as possible. Enclosures are large and allow animals to avoid proximity to tourists during guided tours.

The staff are very friendly and professional, including qualified veterinarians that monitor the animals' health. The volunteers daily activities are various, depending on season and the centers current need, but include a balance between feeding the animals, physical work (center maintenance), enrichment, and community outreach.

By: Benni
Nationality: German
Age: 24

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