Volunteer in Honduras with Medical Internships Program - from just $16 per day!

Company : Love Volunteers
Location : La Ceiba
Duration: 1 week to 1 year
Approx Costs: 100 to 1250 $ Dollars (US)

Are you a Doctor, Nurse, or Med Student? Your skills are desperately needed in Guatemala!

This important project was created with the goal of supplying essential medical treatment to vulnerable residents in La Ceiba. Set in the popular seaside city, famous as the original port city for the ‘Banana Republic’, the Healthcare and Medical Program provides a medical internship in a public hospital, where volunteers can use their skills to help those who need it most. Intern responsibilities vary according to their own qualifications, experience and/or comfort level. Participants with a full medical degree will enjoy far more access when it comes to administering care and interacting with patients, however it is important to note that most interns only observe or help out with minor examination tasks. Every aspect of the internship is carefully monitored by the supervising staff – however the medical care opportunities are greater than interns would experience in Western hospitals.  In all cases, volunteers/interns are able to work closely with a supervising physician or nurse who they will shadow on daily rounds. Volunteers on this program can choose to specialize in emergency, maternity, paediatrics and general/family medicine.

Goals of this Project:

  • Make a real difference to the people of La Ceiba
  • Provide free healthcare to those who need it most
  • Improve the health and long term well-being of some of Honduras’ most impoverished people
  • Offer a teaching experience for medical students while also supplying a much-needed volunteer labor force

Start Dates

This project is available year-round and programs start every SATURDAY. Volunteers can choose to participate for periods ranging from 1 week to 12 weeks. Longer stays can be arranged directly with the local team, but will be subject to availability and individual visa conditions.

Spaces on this project are limited and therefore subject to availability. Early booking is recommended.


This program offers an amazing opportunity for suitable applicants who are 18 years and over to work alongside qualified medical professionals and gain first-hand insight into the Honduran healthcare system. It is open to those with experience and/or education in the field of medicine, as well as med-school and pre-med students. Volunteers on this project will need at least an intermediate understanding of Spanish in order to communicate effectively with patients and staff. Naturally, all applicants must also have a genuine willingness to help, show drive and initiative, and bring a positive 'can-do' attitude. If this sounds like you, we want you on the team!

Additionally, volunteers applying to join this program will be required to supply to following documentation:

Emergency contact
Police check

Booking / Enquiry

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