Volunteer in India with Street Children Support Program - from just $22 per day!

Company : Love Volunteers
Location : Delhi
Duration: 1 week to 1 year
Approx Costs: 500 to 1500 $ Dollars (US)

Want to help the children worst affected by the plight of poverty? This program is for you!

Sadly, there are an estimated 100 million or more homeless children in India who do not have access to even the most basic of education and spend most of their time roaming the streets in search for food or anything valuable to sell. In the city of Delhi alone, India’s sprawling and crowded capital, it is estimated that there are close to 175,000 street children, of which 7-10 % are runaways who have fled their poverty-stricken families, many of whom simply could not afford to feed them. 

Forced to fend for themselves, these children are the worst affected by the cycle of poverty that has gripped this great nation. For this reason the help and assistance received from international volunteers is invaluable, not only in the provision of basic education, guidance and support, but in the simple act of giving love and attention – something that every child desires and deserves. 

Through this wonderful program volunteers can help to bring smile to the faces of these severely disadvantaged children by helping to create an environment conducive to their holistic development, which in turn enables them become a part of mainstream society and onward toward living a long and happy life.


Goals of this Project:

  • Provide a safe place for street children and youth to come to for support
  • Educate and empower vulnerable children and youth through various programs and initiatives  
  • Improve the health and long term wellbeing of the street children of Delhi
  • Provide an opportunity for cross cultural exchange between volunteers and locals


Start Dates

This project is available year round and starts the 1st and 3rd week of each month with arrivals on SUNDAY. Volunteers can choose to participate for periods ranging from 1 week to 12 weeks. Longer stays can be arranged directly with the local team, but will be subject to availability and individual visa conditions. Spaces on this project are limited and therefore subject to availability. Early booking is recommended.


Love Volunteers welcomes all those 18 years and over who wish to assist in the ongoing support and development of marginalized and at-risk children of India. This highly interactive and varied project does not require participants to have a background in the field of childcare, as there are many ways you can assist.

However, volunteers with suitable education, qualifications or experience are highly sought after. Regardless, a volunteer’s individual role can often be tailored to suit their particular skills and interests. Importantly, all applicants must first and foremost have a genuine willingness to help, show drive and initiative, and bring a positive 'can-do' attitude. If this sounds like you, we want you on the team!

Additionally, volunteers applying to join this program will be required to supply to following documentation:
• Emergency contact
• Passport
• Police check
• Resume

Booking / Enquiry

Love Volunteers Volunteer in India with Street Children Support Program - from just $22 per day! Reviews

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is willing to grow and become a better person!

I volunteered for 12 weeks with Love Volunteers in India. I was helping children between the ages of 5 and 12 in a low income area in the city. The welcome we received from the local people there was amazing. The kids were all motivated to learn, grateful to have someone to teach them, and full of energy! Lastly, the other volunteers that were living with me at that time made the experience exceptionally memorable. Everybody was cooperative, generous, and willing to explore the city. Throughout the three months I was there I got so close with some of them that we are still in touch and have visited each other even after the experience was over.

By: Loren Sandoval
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 21

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