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Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad is a leading global organiser of overseas voluntary work placements. Founded in 1992, we have now sent nearly 100,000 volunteers to projects all over the world!

Our projects run year-round and we offer a high level of flexibility and choice. With nearly 700 members of staff worldwide, volunteers will benefit from the support and back up that Projects Abroad provide both before you leave and whilst you are overseas.

Whether you are on a gap year, a student, a career-breaker or a retiree, we have a project to suit you in one of the 30 fantastic destinations in which we operate! We welcome volunteers of all nationalities and backgrounds on our projects and even have projects for families to get involved in!

We have a huge variety of projects available including community-based volunteering, such as Care, Building and Conservation, and internship-style placements in subjects like Business, Journalism and Law & Human Rights.

Projects Abroad also welcome volunteers who have professional qualifications and experience - we offer projects specifically designed for you to put your skills to the best use!

With placements available in 30 destinations across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the South Pacific and Europe, volunteers can enjoy adventurous foreign travel whilst make a positive contribution within a developing country!

Duration / Dates

We accept volunteers year-round and offer flexible start dates. Volunteers can join us from one week and upwards.

Costs / Pay

Programs start from £895 for one week. Prices vary by destination - please see our website for full details.

Contact Info

Tel: +44 (0)1903 708300

Address : Aldsworth Parade, Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN12 4TX

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Projects Abroad Reviews

My trip to Cambodia

I spent a wonderful time in Cambodia.
The mission "care" was really great, I took care of children in a school in the middle of the jungle. A super rewarding experience. The project abroad team is very available and caring. The apartment we shared with all the volunteers was very friendly. The delicious food. After our day in mission we went to do many activities together (football, bar, tarantula tasting, card games, water blessing, meditation ...). An exceptional experience, you can leave without fear and live 100% your project.

Nationality: France
Age: 26

Best experience

I strongly recommend to join trip with Projects Abroad. I went to volunteer in Botswana and it is by far the best experience of my life. I arrived at the camp when I was 18 years old, I always lived in Paris in a wealthy family and I wanted to change something in me and see different things. I came back as a new person, mature, with skills of hard labour, team-working abilities, listening and empathy to others. It was hard work under the sun but I loved it.

By: Pierre Jestin
Nationality: French
Age: 24

Rewarding experience

This experience with projects abroad was amazing. Staff was super nice and available, missions were as much interesting and fun as rewarding. I loved meeting other volunteers from all around the world and also local people. I would definitely recommend it.

By: Adèle
Nationality: French
Age: 22

Very good

This is a great organization for first time travelers, especially those traveling alone. You are taken care of and introduced to the local community in a very efficient and good way.
I am very happy that I chose projects abroad

By: Cornelia
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 19

This trip prevented me from making a huge mistake

I went to Nepal with PA and I couldn’t have been happier :) during the whole duration of a trip I felt safe and I had a great time, experiencing new culture and day-to-day reality of work at the hospital (I went on a medical project for HS students). Almost 3 years later I am still in contact with people I met during the project and I look back fondly at the memories I made.
This trip also made me realize that medical profession is not a good fit for me. Now, as a computer science student I feel thankful that this trip set me on the path to realize what I really want to do in my life.

By: Julia
Nationality: Polish
Age: 20

Just do it!

I went to Cape town to do the nutrition project for 10 weeks.
The supervisor was amazing and i learned so much about their culture and life. It’s so fare form how Denmark is. I was teaching in different topics regarding health and nutrition. We also went to a baby clinic and measured babies and had a talk with their parents. The whole experience have been amazing and I can definitely recommend it!
I learned so much about my self in a good way, by crossing a lot of boundaries my speaking English in front of many people (I have never been good in language) and been hiking in the mountains. There was a really good relationship between the other volunteers and we did everything together. I really had a of the best times in my life!

By: Josephine
Nationality: Danish
Age: 25

More than I expected!

I went to Argentina for two weeks to study Spanish and human rights issues. I stayed in an Argentinian family with three other students from the United States and the UK. In those two weeks, I took five Spanish lessons per week, went to an elementary school to play with the students using human rights terms, heard a man who lost his sister in the dictatorship in recent history, feed poor people on the street, met a lawyer to discuss the human rights issues in Argentina, and went to the city side to looking the protest against the prohibition of abortion. I learned many things in this project and hope that more students would experience something through Projects Abroad.

By: Momoko Watanabe
Nationality: Japan
Age: 16

Hands down best experience

I went to the Philippines with my university for a nursing placement and worked along side the projects abroad team. We did medical missions and worked within the community. The program was relevant to our studies, well structured and exposed me to things that I wouldn’t have in my own country - it was a real eye opener. The projects abroad team organised everything and even had time for some R&R and fun activities. I would definitely volunteer with Projects abroad again

By: Courtney
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Adventure of a lifetime

I did the medical project in Nepal and definitely had great time. Discovering a country that is so different from mine taught me a lot. I've seen things I would never be able to experience anywhere else. Both hospital staff and other volunteers made that trip an unforgettable one. I highly recommend Projects Abroad and hope to go somewhere with them again.

By: Natalia
Nationality: Polish
Age: 19

Fiji - Shark Conservation

This was one of the most amazing experiences ever in the sense of being able to dive with sharks and find out about the issues sharks face today. However I feel that considering the price of the project we were not given the full experience we should of been, especially with the amount of diving not being as much as expected with the price paid.

By: Estha
Nationality: British
Age: 19

Projects Abroad - San Pedro, Belize

Working with Projects Abroad was one of the most fulfilling and humbling experiences. I met so many amazing volunteers from around the world and together we were able to work on several smaller projects and establish some long-term projects on the island. The Projects Abroad staff were so supportive and it easily made my time spent on the island feel like my second home.

By: Regina
Nationality: American
Age: 26

Best Experience of my Life

Even though my experience with Projects Abroad was sadly over a year ago, I still think of it every day. It was the best 3 months of my life and has changed me as a person (as cliche as that is) forever. I made memories of a lifetime and I am desperate to travel to so many destinations as soon as I can. Projects Abroad was such a great way to travel as I got to be a part of something and make the most of my time away by doing my bit to help conserve marine life. I wish I could be back there every day ... But for now I have my amazing photos and memories to keep me going until next time

By: Kassie Starkey
Nationality: British
Age: 30

Medical Internship in Nepal

When I think about my 4 weeks in Nepal in 2016, I think about the small towns we visited on weekends, seeing the Himalayas, the friends I made - and it was an awesome trip. But I think that has more to do with the beauty of the country and the people i was with than Projects-Abroad.
The time spent in the hospital was observational, and while it was mostly interesting, too much of that time was spent standing around bored. For most of my fellow volunteers and I, most nurses and doctors didn't care too much about teaching us or even speaking in English so we could understand. But I don't necessarily blame the staff at the hospital, i have no idea what the agreement with projects-abroad was.
Besides observing at the hospital, we also visited a school to teach the children about handwashing - in hindsight I don't think these kids needed white people to come across the world to teach them handwashing when they had teachers that are more than capable. So that was strange.
In terms of travel, I made so many wonderful memories and saw and did things that were new and exciting and I'd love to go back and visit Nepal again one day! But maybe not with projects-abroad.
I also can't speak for other internships or volunteerships through projects-abroad, but that was my experience. As well, on a whole, during the trip, my perception of Projects-abroad was that they seemed fairly unorganized and distant from us.

By: Amy
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 21

Projects Abroad helped me to volunteer in Africa

I joined a public health program in Tanzania for two weeks. At first I had no idea if it was the right decision especially as my English is somewhat limited being from Japan. My volunteer advisor from Projects Abroad helped me with everything including all the registrations which were in English. The decision to go and do volunteer work in Africa with Projects Abroad was right for me.

By: Maho Hori
Nationality: Japan
Age: 17

Life changing experience

Such an amazing experience. Would recommend it to everyone in the whole world. You learn so much about yourself and the wider world by volunteering!

By: Sarah
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21

Projects abroad review

Great experience

By: Marta lo presti
Nationality: Italian
Age: 24

Cambodian Health Project

The Cambodian health project was a wonderful experience and really allowed you to immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture. We ventured out into the communities and also travelled to places outside of Phnom Penh to provide healthcare and health education.

By: Zara
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Projects in Argentina and Fiji - an unforgettable experience!

I did the Animal Care Project in Argentina this may and then in june the care project in Fiji.
I had an amazing time and learned a lot about the country and the culture. Specially fiji I will never forget! We had a great group of volunteers and such an amazing time there. To do volunteering work is a wonderful experiece which I really recommend to everyone. It gives a different view of the own life and how beautiful it is to help! Projects Abroad is the best organisatio and I would book again with them. Everything was well organised. I really think about to do another volunteer project.

By: Nicole Imfeld
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 25

Two thumbs up!

Projects Abroad was the perfect organization as a first time solo traveler and first time volunteer abroad. Throughout the whole process I had help and assistance whenever needed. They prepared me for my trip and provided all the necessary information to help mediate any confusion/conflicts and culture shock. My whole time abroad I felt safe and little discrepancies. The only thing I would recommend to future volunteers is: make your trip as long as possible (a month isn’t long enough), be ready to have your perspective changed for the better, and prepare to meet some incredible people!
Also, as a volunteer, submerge yourself and be proactive when it comes to your project to get the most out of your money and time.

By: Cassie
Nationality: American
Age: 23

Fiji Shark Conservation

I went summer 2017 for 6 weeks and it was the best trip of my life! The volunteer apartment was great and the staff was fantastic! Lots of diving, and science as well as giving back to the community and being fully submerged into the culture. Natives are extremely nice! The entire mission of the project is amazing! Also Fijian food is delicious! I really want to go again! Doesn't matter how young or old you are I had roommates as young as 17 and as old as 60!

By: Allyson
Nationality: American
Age: 26

Went twice

I volunteered as part of the shark conservation project in Fiji in 2014 and 2016, one month each. Both times I had an amazing time, met people who I‘m still friends with now, and had the chance to help with scientific research that directly fuelled multiple published scientific research papers.

By: Julia
Nationality: German
Age: 23

Fantastic Company

I travelled to Ecuador and participated on two projects in the Galapagos Islands with Projects Abroad. I stayed in the locality for six weeks, hosted by a very kind and very welcoming family. the first two weeks I volunteered in a kindergarten, where I helped an teacher in child care. Fantastic experience. The remaining weeks I took part in the environmental care project, which is very important for the country. Projects Abroad it is a serious organization and organized, always available for volunteers present in the country .

By: Stefania
Nationality: Italian
Age: 20

Most incredible experience

My experience with projects abroad was sensational. I completed the public health program in Cambodia. The program itself was fantastically organised. Every single day I felt as though we were achieving incredible things. Would recommend this program to anyone. I am also looking to go on another program with projects abroad in the future.

By: Milly
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Nature conservation in Thailand

I took part in one of the projects back in high school and I loved it! Everything was kneatly planned but we still had much freedom in choosing our activities. I’ve made many friends there as well! I highly recommend the project in Thailand. The price was quite high, but the experience was well worth it.

By: Wiktoria
Nationality: Polish
Age: 20

Galapagos, Ecuador

Did the Childcare and Conservation projects, it was incredible! Stayed with a family for 3,5 monhs and had plenty time off to explore the surrounding islands.

By: Esther Nemery
Nationality: Denmark
Age: 22

Cambodia - Public health

I really liked the project I was in. Travelling in Phnom Penh during the work days was well organized and we always had a coordinator with us. Rehabilitation with two of our patients went really well and all of our patients were very pleased of our help. It was so nice to see how grateful people were for our help.

The apartment I stayed was nice and clean. The food was amazing and all the staff was very friendly and helpful.

By: Elli Reinola
Nationality: Finland
Age: 18

Peru Medical Project

The project has been fantastically organised allowing for experience in hospital and outreach settings. The staff have gone above and beyond and will be missed greatly when I return home!

By: Michaela
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23


My project with projects abroad in Ghana was a wonderful experience! I met wonderful people and I will never forget these moments! I am definitely going back :)

By: Verheyde
Nationality: French
Age: 17

Parents Approve

We sent both our son (Peru) and daughter (Belize) on Projects Abroad. They had amazing experiences and loved their stays with family and friends. Both kids were early grads from High School and stayed with older college age students. They did great and I will always recommend!

By: Sarah Schuster
Nationality: USA
Age: 49

Great Experience - Especially For First-Time Travellers

I went on two projects with Projects Abroad back in 2012 / 2013 as part of a gap year after graduating from high school. Both projects were extremely well-organized despite being completely different (Teaching in Fiji & Conservation in Botswana). There was constant support prior to the projects as well as 24/7 support during the projects. In fact, the two rangers responsible for the PA project in Botswana even stayed in the same camp as we did and were around all the time.

The placement in Fiji was okay, though no matter what social project your on, you have to show initiative to make most of your volunteering experience. Don't wait for PA staff to organize everything for you once you're there. Work with other volunteers, be open-minded towards local colleagues and be willing to put some effort into your placement. That way you get to have a very rewarding experience!

The project in Botswana was pretty different because everything had been organized beforehand and pretty much everything had been included in the price - accommodation, food, activities. What I loved most about my stay in Botswana is the fact that you cannot get any closer to Africa's wildlife. Volunteering in Botswana was an enriching experience for me, which I couldn't have had by simply going on a safari for one or two days. It's like I went there to live in the bush and when I left the bush lived in me. :)

The main reason I chose PA for these trips is that I had had hardly any experience traveling solo back then and they offered a whole package. That's a huge advantage and saves a lot of time. Now that I've gained experience travelling and planning trips on my own, I'd probably not book with PA any more but organize everything by myself (depending on the project of course) and thereby save some money.

By: Lena
Nationality: German
Age: 24

Can’t wait to do it again

It was a great spiritual and eye opening experience that me and my 9 year old experienced together. In addition, I felt safe at all times and comfortable knowing that projects abroad was available if I needed anything.

By: Soukaina At-Hussein
Nationality: American
Age: 39

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