Gap Year in Egypt

Gap Year in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most famous destinations in the world with history, culture, incredible ruins and the pyramids! View trips, things to do and view our guide with information on how to plan your gap year in Egypt.


Egypt Gap Year Trips, Programs & Travel Ideas

Plan a Gap Year to Egypt

Egypt is a popular gap year destination and on our website you can find a wide selection of trips and programs throughout the country. From seeing ancient pryamids of exploring an ancient city like Cairo - there is something for everyone. Find programs for students, graduates, career breaks and people seeking to discover the country on a budget. We highly recommend you don't let all the recent political turmoil put you off visiting because there are some world class sights to see like the Pyramids and temples at Abu Simbel / Luxor. 

Joining a structured experience if you have never been to Egypt before, this is the safest and most fun way to travel and see the country. When visiting this destination there are so many places to see and things to do, we recommend going to explore Cairo and visiting the Red Sea, Luxor and Aswan. By taking a gap year in Egypt you can visit amazing ancient archeological sites like the Pryamids which are one of the world travel highlights and must be seen at least once in your life. You might of seen the Pyramids, Sphinx at Giza and perhaps the legendary Valley of the Kings near Luxor on television but nothing compares to seeing them up close. 

If you are planning to backpack on a budget there are lots of destinations to visit but plan ahead and book accommodation in advance. If you only have a short period of time we highly recommend taking a hot air balloon ride in Luxor or taking a felucca ride in Aswan. When visiting Abu Simbel, get there as early as you will avoid the hoardes of tourists, it gets very busy and is also amazing to see early in the morning. Dahab is a place you might want to visit which is less known than the other destinations and you could also learn to scuba dive here. There are also overland trips.


Egypt Gap Year Ideas