Spanish Exam Preparation Courses in Madrid

Company : AIL Madrid
Duration: < 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 100 to 3000+ € Euro

Taking your Spanish CCSE / GCSE / A Level / Scottish Higher / BAC / SIELE examination? Keen to practise and improve? Book a class with our school in Madrid.

Why Book

  • Pass your Spanish language exams with flying colors!
  • Certify your Spanish level with the DELE or country-specific exams
  • Add Spanish to your CV on a professional level
  • Prepare for all exams needed to become a Spanish citizen



  • Class size: The average class has 4 students, with a maximum of 6 students (one of the smallest, most personal class sizes available in Madrid!).
  • Activities: 5 exciting activities are included weekly in the course price! Explore the stunning Museums and picturesque corners of Madrid, Monday- Friday from (typically) 5:10-6:50pm!
  • Course duration: 1 - 2 weeks
  • Timeable: Monday - Friday
  • Morning / Afternoon
  • Class duration: 50 min
  • Levels: We have classes available for complete beginners (A1) to Spanish language masters (C2)! Courses are offered at all levels in accordance with the common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Preparation Classes

  • DELE Preparation: from €100 per week
  • GCSE / A Level / Scottish Higher / Spanish BAC Revision Course: from €834 per package
  • SIELE Exam: from €55 per week
  • University Pathway Program: please consult
  • CCSE Preparation Course: €35 per class

Booking / Enquiry

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