Short & Long Term Italian Language Courses in Bologna

Company : Arca Italian School
Activities: Summer Study Abroad / Learn Italian
Duration: < 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 100 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

We offer a short and long term 20-hour course, Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm. 

The classes are generally small (4-10 students), allowing teachers to get to know their pupils individually and give them their personal attention. This helps us to cater closely for students’ individual needs as well as facilitating friendly relations.

Ordinary courses have a mid-morning break during which everyone goes to a coffee-bar together: a chance to have a chat and get to know each other better. Talking Italian freely is a good way to consolidate what you’ve learnt, especially in an Italian bar over a warm cappuccino!

If you happen to be the only student at your level, you can do a two-hour individual course every day, usually in the afternoon at a time to be agreed with the school office, at the same price as the ordinary group course.

For levels C1 and C2 please contact the school before enrolling because in certain periods of the year we may not have enough students to form higher level groups. We are very careful in organizing classes according to the level and we do our best to avoid mixed level classes.

If there is a national or local holiday during your course, Arca will be closed for that day and will organize an additional cultural activity.


  • 1 week = €260,00
  • 2 weeks = €440,00
  • 3 weeks = €570,00
  • 4 weeks = €700,00
  • 5 weeks = €840,00
  • 6 weeks = €980,00
  • 7 weeks = €1.120,00
  • 8 weeks = €1.260,00
  • 9 weeks = €1.400,00
  • 10 weeks = €1.540,00
  • 11 weeks = €1.650,00
  • 12 weeks / 240 hours – €1.650 (1 week free)
  • 16 weeks / 320 hours – €2.200
  • 20 weeks / 400 hours – €2.450
  • 24 weeks / 480 hours – €2.700
  • 36 weeks / 720 hours – €3.950
  • 48 weeks / 960 hours – €5.100


Private/Individual Courses

A course enabling you to learn aspects of the Italian language that interest you most: working on vocabulary or grammar, for example, or improving your ability to communicate and your fluency through conversation.

Your teacher will be happy to satisfy your curiosity about Italian language and culture, and you may also have some lessons outside school, if you wish.

Lesson times are flexible in order to cater better to your needs. You can even choose to have an afternoon course in addition to the morning group course. We call this a combined course.


  • 10 hours = €360,00
  • 20 hours = €720,00
  • 30 hours = €1.080,00
  • 40 hours = €1.296,00


Combined Courses

An intensive course allowing you to combine the ordinary group course with 2 hours of individual lessons in the afternoon, Monday to Friday from 2 to 4 pm. The individual lessons will be dedicated to a closer examination of the topics dealt with in class as well as catering for your own specific needs. You could also have some lessons outside school, if you wish.

You will have two different teachers, one in the morning and another in the afternoon: they will both follow the same method, but it will be a chance to compare different individual modes of speaking Italian. Due to the large demand for the Combined Courses, we kindly ask you to check with us for availability before enrolling.


  • 1 week (30 hours) = €590,00
  • 2 weeks = €1.020,00
  • 3 weeks = €1.410,00
  • 4 weeks = €1.800,00


Price Includes:

Finding and booking accommodation, didactic materials, cultural activities, attendance certificate.

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