Amazon Internship Program

Company : Fronteering
Location : Rupununi, Guyana
Duration: 4 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 750 to 2500 $ Dollars (US)

Do you have a burning passion for Indigenous People & Culture and the Amazon Rainforest? 

If so, then take this breathtaking opportunity to help train an Amerindian community in the three fields needed most: IT, Accounting and Eco-tourism/hospitality management to improve their Amerindian eco-lodge and trips so that hopefully in the future more tourists will come and in return it will provide an alternative eco-friendly income for the entire village!

Depending on the skills and experience you possess, the projects that you’ll be involved in will vary and could include anything from supporting the Eco-lodge with marketing and tourism management development, assist in teaching children and adult’s valuable IT skills and/or teaching some of the staff the basics of accounting.

This great volunteer abroad experience will lead you into the northern most frontier of the Amazon jungle in the southern reaches of South America’s only English-speaking country; Guyana! Have the privilege to discover this country while it is still untouched with fascinating cultures to meet and mind-blowing wildlife to view! Apply now for this great cause and be part of Guyana while it is still unspoiled, and hopefully through our combined effort we will keep it this way!


This Is Why

  • Experience life in the amazing jungles of South America, a lost world teeming with wildlife!
  • Enjoy the comfort of sleeping in hammocks and wake up to a serenade of monkeys, birds and cicadas!
  • Volunteer alongside local Amerindian people, enabling them to develop sustainable eco-tourism and protect their way of life!
  • Train the Amerindian people in IT, Accounting or Tourism management for the benefit of the entire village and region!
  • Help us give this unspoiled region of the Amazon alternative sustainable ways of incomes to help protect the amazon rainforest and with it its wildlife and the Amerindian way of life!


Start Dates

All Year Round!

Costs / Benefits

04 Weeks: $800.00 US$
08 Weeks: $1600.00 US$
12 Weeks: $2400.00 US$

• Reside in one of the last pristine areas of rainforest in the world
• Work with the fascinating Makushi people, indigenous to this area of Guyana
• Learn about the local culture and immerse yourself in their way of life
• Help the lives of the people of a valuable Amerindian community
• Protect the Amazon rainforest
• Learn jungle survival skills!


• NO SMOKING is allowed on the property. Bush and Forest Fires are an enormous concern during the hot dry summers!!
• Strong work ethics are required: reliable, responsible, honest, good sense of humor and dependable.
• Experience or educational back ground in one of the following fields: IT, Hosptality/tourism or accounting
• You must be physically and mentally fit.
• Age: 23 years or older
• Must love animals/outdoors
• Make sure to contact your local health organization to inquire about the needed/recommended vaccinations and medicine.

Booking / Enquiry

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