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G Adventures has defined (and redefined) small group travel for 25 years.

Travelling with us is the very best way to get up-close and personal with your planet in a way you’d never manage on your own.

In 1990 Bruce Poon Tip founded G Adventures with one goal: make small-group travel accessible and give it the injection of freedom that it deserves! Book with us and we can guarantee award-winning trips sustainable travel, competitive prices, local transport and more.

Why Travel with Us?
At G Adventures, we encourage you to step off the beaten path, embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Our award-winning trips embrace authentic accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife.

Price and value
We believe an unforgettable travel experience doesn’t have to be expensive; that’s why we continually strive to offer the most competitive prices around. Because our grassroots approach provides a more affordable way to travel, we’re able to deliver the adventure of a lifetime at a fraction of the cost.

With the largest variety of destinations, departure dates and an unparalleled choice of trip styles and service levels designed to meet all tastes, ages and budgets, we’re certain there’s a G Adventures trip for you.

24/7 Service
As a global adventure travel company, we realize that questions can come up anywhere—and at any time. Our commitment to exceptional service means that our CEOs are on standby—24/7.

From tuk tuk and rickshaw to public bus, train and even camel, we’re all about variety. Sometimes local transport is the best and most colourful way to go. But, depending on your choice of destination, service level and trip style, we provide alternative ways of getting around, too.

From unique home stays and hotels to sleeping moored under the stars in a tranquil bay, our options will provide you with the most authentic experience possible and will always reflect the local character and spirit of your adventure.

Small International Groups
A big part of the experience is our small international groups. It’s these people that make travelling with us rewarding and exciting! On average there are about 10 travellers on one of our trips, depending on the destination—the maximum is usually never more than 16.

Flexibility and Independence
Head off to explore independently or just chill out in a café and watch the world go by. We include the must-see highlights on most of our trips, allowing you the time to explore according to your own tastes.


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G Adventures Reviews

One of my best experiences in my life

It's been over a year since I traveled with G Adventures. But it was everything promised and so much more. Highly recommended and would love to travel with them again.

By: Judd
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 33

I would definitely use G Adventure again

I travelled with G Adventures and was very impressed, I would have no hesitation in using them again. The trip (National Parks & Bright Lights) was really amazing and the group was a good mix of ages. Overall, the holiday of a lifetime.

By: Larina
Nationality: British
Age: 44

A great group environment for a solo traveler

I opted to take a G Adventures tour as the small numbers appealed to me. As a solo traveler, I never felt left out and being apart of a smaller group, you were able to feel more like a tighter group then being left out.
I joined the Essentials of Vietnam and Cambodia and felt the 15 days allowed me to see the most important parts of each country. I also quite liked the travel days as it allowed you to relax a bit. The other days are quite full on, if you wish them to be, so the downtime is nice. I had an amazing CEO, Happy, who made the trip a greater experience due to being able to get great recommendations regarding places to eat and shop.
I would highly recommend G Adventures to anyone and am planning on joining another group tour for India and Nepal.

By: Peta
Nationality: Australian
Age: 37

Cuban Rhythms

This summer was my first ever tour with G Adventures and I’m happy to say it won’t be my last. I had a truly memorable trip in an unforgettable location.

Cuba is one of those places you always hear about but never seem to get around to visiting. Those who have been, rave about it, so I decided it was high time to get there. I’ve been travelling extensively on and off for four years, and can honestly say this is one of those destinations that uniquely stands out. Perhaps it’s the architecture, a beautifully heady mix of colourful, crumbling buildings that evoke nostalgic feelings for the past - a past, even, that you weren’t a part of. Or the people, wonderfully friendly and laid back with a zest for salsa, even in the extreme heat. It might even be the amazement on discovering that alongside the cool old school cars, novelties like ration shops and ration booklets still exist.

We stayed in ‘Casa Particulares’ - homestays with local people who had generously opened up their homes to share with travellers. Ours was an intimate group, with only eight of us alongside the tour guide, Carlos. Carlos was an absolute wealth of knowledge when it came to, well, everything. He provided us with an excellent, detailed analysis into the complicated history and political affairs of Cuba. This gave great insight into the thought processes of political heroes such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, and showed just how deep communism, still, runs.

The above is really what made the tour special for me, having the chance to mix with the locals - how often do you get to wake up and have breakfast with a Cuban in Trinidad, then sit in a rocking chair of an evening sharing a cigar and a dash of rum?

As hinted at earlier, music and dancing is a big part of life here, and one of my most memorable events was a salsa dance class on the rooftop of one of the home-stays. It was muggy as you like and a storm was approaching; yet we still danced through the heat and the thunder. Later that evening we enjoyed a home cooked meal and got serenaded by a local band, even being given some handheld instruments to enable us to join in.

The week long tour covered a lot of ground, from Havana to Vinales, Trinidad to Santa Clara and back again, with all the little stops in-between. I could be here quite a long time listing everything we did in detail. While we moved at a relatively fast pace to get to see all the places, I still felt this was a much more laid back vibe than the fun but chaotic tours I usually did, with significantly larger groups of people. It was nice to have a change.

A change that I am keen to repeat again before the year is out. This time, safaris and deserts beckon.

By: Bella Hampton
Nationality: British
Age: 33

Mayan Sun - Southbound

Overall, this tour was very good. A great group and an amazing CEO, Manu, who would go above and beyond to help you and the places you see are so beautiful! The only downside: this tour is quite expensive already, and almost every activity is optional. The only included activities were the Tulum and Tikal visits. We also expected better accommodation for that price. Almost always shared rooms with 6 or 8 people and 1 bathroom.

By: Lisa
Nationality: Belgian
Age: 25

African Adventure

As a solo traveller, it is hard to go past G Adventures. I had an amazing time on two of their 18-30 something tours making my way through South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The local guides had endless knowledge of wildlife and local customs. For anyone who loves group travel or it's their first experience on the continent I would highly recommend G Adventures.

For anyone who doesn't come from a country with a tipping culture, I recommend looking at their website for guidelines regarding this. The tips received from clients made up a significant portion of their wage and the CEOs definitely deserve the thanks.

By: Maddie
Nationality: Australian
Age: 20

Gadventures to Machu Picchu

My Gadventures trip to Machu Picchu was not without complications. The trip itself and the porters and head guides was fantastic! However the organisation of my trip to coincide with another was riddled with problems.
Late notice had me phoning Gadventures the day before I flew out to Machu Picchu to try and sort details out.

After a lot of emails and calls and several flights to Cusco problems weren't completely fixed resulting in me and my sister running around cusco trying to fix the issue 2 days before the trek of Machu Picchu was to start.

So although I had a bad experience with Gadventures I would possibly try them out again in the future as some aspects were great although they definitely made some promises that they didn't keep.

By: Roxanne
Nationality: British
Age: 25

Amazing trips

I used G Adventures twice during my six month long travel, and both times had the best experience. The routes that they offer, are the best showcase of a country, and really allows me to see the most of a country in a short time. The accommodation they provided was adequate and suitable. The guides are amazing and are so passionate about what they do, learning more about the country from the people who know it best. Would definitely recommend any trip through G adventures

By: Sidony
Nationality: British
Age: 26

5 stars for G Adventure

This was my first tour with G Adventure and I highly recommend it!
My two weeks camping tour through the Rockies of Canada were amazing. Thanks to our tourguide Simon, we could experience the best of Canada!
+ perfect for solo travelers
+ everything is planned
+ great contact via phone or email

By: Helena
Nationality: German
Age: 28

Backroads and Highlands of Peru

First time travelling with Gadventures and they did not disappoint!
We travelled from Lima through the Peruvian Andes to the Inca capital Cusco.
Very well organised, professional, the local guide was awesome and really helpful as well as being very cool to hang out with!
The whole trip went without any issues and there was a nice balance of sightseeing and chilling out at each stop.
I’d recommend travelling with gadventures, the experience is unforgettable and the friends you make from all over the world is incredible.

By: Andy
Nationality: Irish
Age: 25

G Adventures in Myanmar

Lovely experience travelling with G Adventures, I did the Myanmar tour starting in Chiang Mai and ending in Bangkok. Everything went smoothly, our tour guide was amazing, the food recommendations were good and the accomodation was comfortable. The activities were fun! Don't hesitate to book your future travels with G Adventures wherever you want to go.

By: Elisa
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 22

Adventurous time to behold

So my family and I went on the Lares Trek with g adventures during the month of August. During that time, g adventures offered the best experience out of all the tour groups we had during the trip. Our guide was great and kept us going. He interacted with the group and in turn, the group interacted with him and each other.
The only gripe we had during the trip was the accommodation at Machu Picchu. After a long day of hiking and a promise of a hot shower, most of our group didn’t have any hot water at all. I let some use my shower since I had running hot water.

Other than that, it was a fantastic trip.

By: Jonathan
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

Backroads of Central America

33 day tour from San Jose, Costa Rica, to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. LOVED every second of this tour. You get to experience the untouched beauty of Central America and steer clear of mainstream cities. So many beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes and islands and a lot of high adrenaline, extreme activities. This is a fast paced but very exciting tour which takes you to cities where you can experience authentic culture and people of Central America. Would 100% recommend to any adventurer!

By: Heather
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

I look forward to doing future treks with G Adventures :)

I took my first trip solo to south America with G Adventures this year. The staff were extremely helpful in answering any queries I had and enduring the trip was planned and organised before the trip. The trip overall was wonderful, there were options do additional activities and couldn't have asked for a better itinerary to explore the best of Peru. I also did the Mont Blanc Trek with G Adventures and couldn't have asked for a better way to experience such a thrilling trek. Some parts of the trek were a challenge, but the views are worth it! Doing the tours are the best way to meet people and make long life friendships.

By: Lisa
Nationality: Australian
Age: 30

China Express

Having a chance to visit my original country like China with G was amazing. Love each and every places we’d visited on the tour, however some accommodations (i.e. in Beijing and Shanghai) need fine reassessment.

Sure that I’ll recommend G to my family and friends.

By: Satawat Chotkamonkul
Nationality: Thai
Age: 48

I had the best two weeks with G Adventures

I booked the Morocco on a Shoestring tour with G Adventures for two weeks marked my first ever tour I did on my own. I am an avid traveller and have visited many countries solo with the freedom on doing things that I want to do, and so I was a little skeptical on joining a tour - and how am I glad I did!

I had the best time seeing beautiful Morocco and made new friends for life! We felt absolutely safe and comfortable in the tour knowing we are in good hands. Almost everyone in our tour came solo and from various ages. One year later, I am still in touch with many of them, and have met up again in various countries ever since Morocco! I would do it all again in a heartbeat and I would highly recommend this company to all!

By: Yasmin
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 27

I was so glad I booked a tour with G Adventures

I did the Indochina Discovery Tour and managed to see Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and a part of Thailand in 29 days! It could be tiring at times but was worth it as we saw all the amazing places the countries had to offer. It was really nice travelling with a group! I made some great friends, some who I’ve planned to see again. Our CEO, Zam, was fantastic! He was so enthusiastic and shared lots of information with us. He took us to local restaurants to eat and told us about the different activities available.

The optional activities we could do were excellent as there were such a range and allowed us to see each country differently! There were a few activities included in the initial price however not as many as we would have liked. If you want to do all the activities available, which you probably will, you need to make sure you have enough spending money. It was a fantastic month and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I would recommend booking a G Adventures tour!

By: Kathryn
Nationality: British
Age: 24

5800 miles, 16 states and tons of unforgettable experiences

I went on G Adventures coast to coast trip eastbound from San Francisco to New York. It was my first time traveling with a company so I can't compare it to any others but I have to say it was outstanding. The way the tour was planed and organised was perfect, although we had little time at each place (since we crossed the states in just 3 weeks) there was always enough time to see the most important things and get a feeling of the place. Of course some driving days were long but there were always enough breaks and interesting stops along the way to keep spirits up. Plus, the bus was very comfortable.

Our guide was amazing, he did everything he could to make everyone happy which, as far as I think, he achieved. I never would have expected so much effort from a tour guide.

In my opinion, the tour is a perfect way to see as much as possible in little time (and for a comparatively reasonable amount of money).
It's an incredible adventure, you'll come back with tons of memories which you'll need some time for processing. I'd recommend this tour to anyone who is adventurous and wants to make most of the time traveling.
Even if you haven't done any camping before, don't worry, your guide will show you how everything works. The camp evenings were awesome, we cooked together, sat at the campfire and talked all night. I hadn't done any camping before and I loved it, it's the best way to really experience nature in a national park.
However, we spent some nights in amazing hotels aswell, exploring some cities. I think the combination of seeing both cities and narional parks is great, it shows you America's different faces.

So, if you want to experience as much America as you can in just 3 weeks, go for it! It's more than worth it!!

By: Alina Correll
Nationality: German
Age: 18

Solo travelling

This was my first time going on a group tour alone. I was quite nervous and almost regret full...thankfully I went through with it. It was simple amazing, Cambodia is such a beautiful country and I also got to spend some time in Vietnam and Thailand.
I was very luck with my group, everyone was so nice and the lovely girl I shared a room with couldn't have been nicer. Everything was so well organised and we got to see so much. I can't wait to go again.

By: Jackie Norton
Nationality: Irish
Age: 41

Asia Travel

I decided to take a month off of work and explore Asia and I must say, it was the most incredible journey I have ever been on. I am so glad I was able to experience the countries I went to and learn about new cultures, religions, and the food was amazing! I went to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. I couldn't even tell you which country is my favorite because I had the best time of my life in all of them. I decided to share my journey on my Instagram page (the_traveling_smiths) so others could see how amazing the countries were. I loved that I started this page because I have had so many people ask me who I went through, what places I explored, and what travel agency. G-Adventures was the best tour agency I have ever done, we had the best tour guides that really knew everything about the countries and they also took the time to tell us where to go, where to eat, etc. Now, when I plan a trip I always book through G-adventures and have always been extremely satisfied with them. I can't say thank you enough to them for the best adventure of a lifetime! <3

By: Linda
Nationality: United States
Age: 22

I can’t wait to do another tour with G Adventures

I booked an overland tour from South Africa to Zimbabwe which was my first trip with G Adventures and I can honestly say it was amazing! It was a classic tour not 18-35 like I have done with other companies and I feel like that made it so much better. We were a small tight knit group who got on very well. There were other people there my age and we all got on really well with our tour guide who actually wanted to hang out with us and not just disappear after he’d done his duties for the day. I felt safe even in a country with a reputation for being unsafe (South Africa). Any preconceptions I may have had about Zimbabwe where completely blown away when I got to see how gorgeous and green it is and how friendly the locals are! Our tour guide was South African and knew exactly where to go and what to see and seemed to know ALL of the history of everywhere we went! I would highly recommend this company!

By: Dhamina
Nationality: British
Age: 27

Thank you G Adventures for a trip i will never forget! :)

I did the Kilimanjaro climb last year & had it not been for the G Adventure team, a lot us in the group would not have completed the climb. I myself was literally dragged up the to the summit Ühuru peak & then carried back down. I am so thankful for the guys that assisted me down the mountain. The G Adventures guides were amazing!

By: Renee
Nationality: Australian
Age: 37


We did a dhoni boat trip round the Maldives. Best trip we've ever done. Really amazing value for money and our tour guide and crew were wonderful.

By: Hannah Macpherson
Nationality: British
Age: 27

Thank you G Adventures

I had the most amazing time ever on a G Adventures tour from Delhi to Katmand. I’ve never done a group tour for this long usually just for a day for few hours but it was nice especially as I was going to India for the first time. Our guide was a great guy and tour guide also very well educated and knew so many facts! The group it self was awesome people from all over with different backgrounds and cultures. I would travel again with G Adventures in a heartbeat. Donyavad (thank you) G Adventures and DJ for an amazing time.

By: Mitri A.
Nationality: USA
Age: 33

G Adventures every time!

I’ve been on 5 G Adventure tours (Indochina Discovery, Hiking in the Cinque Terre, Cultural Sri Lanka and Sailing Cuba - twice!!) I can’t recommend G enough. The stress of travelling solo or in a group is completely taken away. Some of the best memories travelling have been with G Adventures. I’ve made life long friends, experiences thing I never would have if I didn’t choose to travel with G. I’ve been using this company for the last 9 years and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I have another trip planned with them next year! Definitely worth every star!!

By: Jade
Nationality: British
Age: 32

Fantastic Company

I travelled last year for the first time with G Adventures on a trip to Canada. I have done a lot of group tours before and Freddy (our guide) was the best guide I have ever had. Our group was also really good and I made some really close friends. We got to see some really beautiful places and also go off the tourist trail. It really was the perfect holiday.

By: Alina
Nationality: German
Age: 27

I had an absolutely fantastic time with G Adventures

I had an absolutely fantastic time exploring Peru - G adventures tailored a perfect itinerary to blend culture, history and nature. A lot of charity work, social enterprise and entrepreneurship is involved and I heavily appreciated this aspect of the company. You got to meet genuine and real people and believed that your visit made a genuine impact on the local economy. All in all I would definitely use G Adventures again, for a personal, impactful and enlightening tour of whatever destination you choose to go to with them.

By: Iain
Nationality: British
Age: 23

South America

I travelled in a group tour for the first tine in 2014. Previous to that I had always done independent travel. I was so so happy with my G adventure experience. My room mate and I hit it off instantly and the organisation was fantastic. Our guide Renzo really looked after the group and the shining moment for me was when I lost my passport in Peru the day we were crossing the border to Bolivia the group had to leave me behind but G sent a rep to me straight away who helped and looked after me and they managed to locate my passport at our home stay so I could travel the following day and rejoin everyone. I can’t big them up enough.
The only downside is now I’m 40 I would love to do more with them but I’m out of the age range

By: Where’s my passport
Nationality: British
Age: 40

Great organization and great people for very affordable prices

In March I went with G Adventures tour in Thailand and Malaysia for 21 days. I had such an amazing time there. We were lucky to have great local tour leader, amazing weather and what a places to visit. I highly recommend going on trip with G Adventures.

By: Svilen Danyovski
Nationality: Bulgarian
Age: 32

I would recommend!

I took a trip to Costa Rica and had a great time! The tour guide was fantastic and made she we were happy with what we were doing and made sure to give us pointers that only locals would know. I was lucky to be traveling with a great group and everyone was friendly.

By: Alana
Nationality: American
Age: 25


Hey everyone,
We, my boyfriend and I, booked the ultimate cambodia adventures and it was incredible.
In our group were people from Canada, America and England. My english as a Swiss was not really good but they were great. They helped and I made friends. The CEO was great! Minea has designed everything that everyone has fun. The tour was amazing, the country is beautiful and the people are amazingly friendly! I recommend this tour to everyone! You see so much and learn so much, just amazing!
I'm looking forward to the next G adventures trip.

By: Michele
Nationality: Swiss
Age: 23

G Adventures made my trip amazing

I booked with G Adventures because a fiend of mine went with them and said they were great, they were amazing! Inca Discovery Plus was my trip and it was the trip of a lifetime! I don’t know how to top it, other than another tour with this company! They were so knowledgeable and helpful, we are not experienced international travellers and were a little nervous about the overall trip, the G Adventures reps were fantastic and walked us though every step and offered great tips and helped with everything. I cannot say enough about this company and our great tour guides River and Raul, you made Peru even more amazing!

By: Allyson
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 47


Love the tour arranged by G Adventures, had such an amazing tour guide! Would highly recommend, great valve for money and would 100% use the company in the future.

By: Kerrera
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 25

Already booked our next G Adventures tour!

Can't even describe how amazing our holiday to Bali was, our tour guide, Andri, was one of the main reasons we had such a great time, his knowledge and attitude was spectacular. And being a group tour, we made some great friends! Bali is such a beautiful place and we got to see so much of it in just a week with G Adventures. Like I said, we've already booked our next trip to the USA with G Adventures, and we cannot wait!

By: Sheri
Nationality: British
Age: 28

Colombia Express!

Amazing tour through the highlights of Colombia! Felipe our guide was fantastic. He was passionate about Colombia, keen to show us how the country has developed from its well know history, into a charming and beautiful place to visit. The tour has lot of variety, from exploring the cities and culture, to hiking in the mountains. Sample the best coffee and even pick your own coffee beans! Felipe also took us to some of the best restaurants I had visited in the whole of South America. Colombia is such an interesting place, you won be disappointed!!

By: Laura
Nationality: British
Age: 34


Outstanding experience...
Moreover the guide was extraordinary helpful and lively!
Looking forward to go again 👌

By: Saly Sawan
Nationality: Lebanese
Age: 29

Galápagos Camping Tour

My best friend and I signed up for this tour targeted towards 18-35 year olds. We were a bit nervous that we'd the old fogies of the group and while we were the oldest, we didn't feel that way at all. Our group of 16 was absolutely fabulous and our guide, Danilo, worked very hard to ensure we had a great time. Originally, we picked the camping tour because it was quite a bit cheaper than the cruise tours offered, but I felt that we really got to experience more of life in the Galápagos than we could have sleeping on a cruise ship.

By: Kristen
Nationality: British
Age: 32

Costa Rica Adventure

I spent my Christmas in Costa Rica. It was my first solo trip with G Adventures and it was one of the best experiences I've had to date.

The CEO (Jonathan) was brilliant, always there to offer support and guidance. He made the trip really special by adding extra little touches to our Christmas day experience. Our stay in the jungle lodge over the Christmas period was slightly different to what I expected. When we arrived I felt slightly disheartened as it was all very basic. However, it turned out to be the most magical Christmas I've ever had. Set by a beautiful river, loads of wildlife, and a massive camp fire at night.

Each adventure was amazing. We had a number of activities to choose from on a daily basis from kayaking, cycling, ziplining, horse riding, paddleboarding, white water rafting, walking or just chilling at the hot springs in Arenal.
The group I travelled with were fabulous, I've made some friends for life.
As a solo female traveller I would highly recommend G Adventures. I booked my next trip with them within 2 weeks of arriving home.

By: Natasha White
Nationality: British
Age: 37


In November I did the 12 day Amazon to Andes tour, starting in Lima, to Cuzco and the Inca trail and then on to 4 days in the Amazon. The Inca trail was the best experiance of my life, challenging but such an experiance. Our guides at G Adventures were so good and pushing us to keep going and such a laugh along the way, 2 of our team were in their 60s and struggled so the guides devised a plan to make sure they could go at a slower pace and to ensure the whole team made it. The porters where phenomenal, the food they cooked was incredible and always such an amazing greeting as we got to camp. Throughout the whole process of booking and back home G adventures were there with regular emails and always answering the phones (24 hour line- so useful for those who can’t easily take time out the working day to sort bits). I was a lone traveller so doing the whole tour with a group was so good, and took all the stress out of it. I honestly can’t praise them enough and am super excited to use them for future adventures

By: Charley
Nationality: Bitish
Age: 24

A number of tours on our Career Break

We decided to quit our jobs and travel around east Asia, sounds scary but we were eased into it with G Adventures. Given our first stop was a tour in China we didn't have to think about the logistics side of things and could get used to the amazing life of travel. Our China and Mongolia tours also helped us to get in the countries since we had an itinerary for the visa application. And our Vietnam tour ensured we saw all the best bits of Vietnam in our 2 week window before having to pay for a visa.
The tours themselves were fantastic, filled with adventure and getting to see underneath the skin of the countries, as well as the usual tourist spots.
Because the guides are all local they know all the best spots to eat and have plenty of recommendations. You get to know more about the culture as you get to know the guide and by the end of the trip you have a new friend. Although it is not only the guide you become friends with as it is a small group and you are sharing these amazing experiences by the end you become very close knit, giving you more friends from all over the world.
My only small criticism is because there is so much to pack in you can feel a little rushed sometimes. But it stops you from getting board that is for sure.
I have been on 4 g adventure tours and will definitely be going on more in the future!

By: Anne
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 30

Vietnam- Cambodia - Thailand

Amazing trip!
Started in Saigon (Ho Chi Ming) then off to Cambodia for 6days and Thailand for 1day. Everything was so well organized by G-adventure to every little detail of the trip. Our CEO Ben took such a good care of us. She made sure we got the best food to eat, always made it to the different types of activities in time and also she always reccomended us to do extra activities that was really fun- for instance ATV in the villages in Cambodia and acrobatic sircus.
It was a very busy scheduled trip and not much relaxing time so it was good to travel like this for 9 days and then take some days on our own before we returned home. But it was hard to be on its own after someone has looked after you for 9days in a row. Would recommend to travel with G-adventures. It was well prepared and organized from the day we landed in Vietnam until we ended the trip in Thailand. Big thanks to G-adventures and our CEO Ben who is really the best!

By: Nirosa
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 28

To sum it up... BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE.

The tour guide, Henry Prado, was the coolest guy ever with his dirty jokes that made the whole trip so much more fun. And G adventures really does give you that legit local experience. Everything we did was with the locals which made the trip so interesting too. The trip was full of: beautiful churches and countryside, interesting museums, adrenaline filled activities, new local and foreign friends, exciting new foods, the best vibes in clubs anywhere in the world, cool wildlife, passionate tour guides and meeting some of the hottest Latinas; thanks to my wingmen, Marco, Rhys and Henry 😉

By: Joshua Wigley
Nationality: South African
Age: 18

Book A Guided Tour With G Adventures

My and my partner booked a 14 day overland guided tour to India with G Adventures and they certainly captivated us in regards to the experience. The history and information the guide provided was mesmerising to say the least. Also, the sense of 24/7 service is security in itself. You can read more about my experience in this article I wrote for One World 365 about the benefits or booking a tour with G Adventures rather than travelling by yourself: www.oneworld365.org/blog/india-should-you-book-guided-tours-or-travel-independently.

By: Abbie
Nationality: British
Age: 23

A unique experience

We had a unique, interesting and exciting experience with G Adventures on board the MS Expedition, in the Arctic. The staff were mostly friendly, interactive, extremely knowledgeable and sought to make our experience satisfying.
We saw amazing wildlife, birds, the scenery and landscapes were stunning.

By: Barbara Vallance
Nationality: Australian
Age: 42

Discovering Southeast Asia

Vietnam has always been on my “bucket list” -and when I finally decided to go- the hard decisions started- with which tour company should I travel? And what itinerary should I choose?

Because I enjoy small group adventure travel, I chose G Adventures with one of their Upgraded Trips- Adventure by day but Comfort at night……and chose and "Overview" tour as my first tour of SE Asia.

And what an overview it was……rather than skimming the surface I truly felt we were able to “get under the skin” of each country we visited, thanks to the CEO (Chief Experience Officer) who travelled with us. He smoothed our way, recommended restaurants as well as activities, and ensured the participation of many local guides who provided us with the cultural and historical backgrounds along the way.

The trip was well organized with both a wide variety of activities but down time to enjoy the wonderful weather by the pool.....

G Adventures’ style of travel allowed us to give back to the local economy in so many ways- by supporting local businesses (accommodations, restaurants, guides) along with visiting their Planeterra Foundation projects.

If SE Asia is on your list of places to visit, I cannot recommend highly enough travelling with G Adventures- whatever style of travel you enjoy!

By: Ruth Adams
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 62

Iguassu and Beyond - Fantastic!

Although I've completed trips with other tour companies in various places around the world, this was my first G Adventures tour and I can't recommend it enough. Whilst a large part of the experience of group tours is dependent on your fellow travellers, you absolutely cannot over estimate the organisation, itinerary and expertise of the company you use and their representative, and G were outstanding on all parts for this tour. Our CEO, Mariana, was brilliant - knowledgable, experienced, yet fun and friendly and really joined in and pulled the group together. Though this was quite a short tour, it took in some absolutely amazing stops between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, and importantly, drew on the experience of the company to take in some more local and off the beaten track sites. Don't think twice about using G :-)

By: Keely
Nationality: British
Age: 30

Adrenaline highs in Costa Rica!

This was the first trip I took on my own, arriving in Costa Rica from Britain with no idea who I was going to meet. G Adventures organised all of the logistics (airport transfer, bus rides, adventure packages..etc), so all I needed to do was show up and have loads of fun!

My group was lovely, with people from all over the world, and our tour guide (Alonso) was awesome – really keen to make sure we enjoyed ourselves and going out of his way to keep us entertained and happy.

A great trip – would massively recommend.

By: Sophie
Nationality: Welsh
Age: 27

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