La Tomatina

Company : Stoke Travel
Location : Buñol, near Valencia, Spain
Duration: < 1 week to < 1 week
Approx Costs: 50 to 250 € Euro

La Tomatina, Spain’s famous tomato battle, is the world’s biggest food fight. This crazy war of, pelt, toss and smoosh tomatoes is waged in the streets of Buñol, just outside the city of Valencia. But it’s a war of fun, a war of love.

There you will discover the pleasure of throwing tomatoes at your friends and strangers, while dodging those hurled at you. And while we’re here, Stoke likes to use the opportunity to explore Valencia, Spain’s third biggest city. Parties, playas, paellas, oranges…

The concept is quite simple – tonnes and tonnes of tomatoes are dumped in the village of Buñol, and then thousands of partiers from around the world scoop them up and hurl them at each other. It’s a war! But it’s a war of fun, a war of love. Nobody gets hurt, we all just get a little dirty.

You just don’t know the pleasure of hurling tomatoes until you’ve tried it, and from the moment the canon fires signalling the start of the battle, we have about an hour to throw as many tomatoes as we can – and there are millions to choose from. Once the fight is done, we wash off in the Buñol river, and then make our way back to Valencia (where we’ll continue to find tomato on our bodies for hours afterwards, if not days).

With Stoke Travel you’ve got two options. There’s our beachside campsite, where we have our huge “Foreplay Party” the night before the fight, cook a giant paella (Valencia’s most well-known dish) for all of us to dine on, hit the sand for some beach games and splash around in the on-site pool. At the campsite, located along the coast just north of Valencia, there is a bar, shop and restaurant.

Stoke also has our bar, where you can take advantage of unlimited beer and sangria for €10 extra. The night after the tomato fight we’ll load up the buses and take you to the optional official La Tomatina after party. You’ll be staying in twin-share, pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags, eating chef prepared breakfasts and dinners and meeting hundreds of like-minded travellers from all over the world (and preparing to throw tomatoes at them).

The second option is to stay in Valencia city in a three star hotel. Here you will sleep in a real bed surrounded by real walls, enjoy a buffet breakfast and welcome drinks upon arrival. You won’t miss out on the action at the campsite, as there is an option to catch a bus to our beachside camp for the Foreplay Party, and with the hotel option your after party ticket is included.

Both accommodation options include transfers to the Tomato fight and back again, experienced guides for the tomato fight and your stay in Valencia, and a Bloody Mary on the morning of the battle. There is also the option to party in the city of Requeña for the Water and Wine fight on the night before La Tomatina.

Stoke’s La Tomatina includes massive Foreplay party with live performances by Hiaground, Paul The Kid, Kiwi Pips, Honey Hayze & Mesmeriser, your stay in pre-erected twin share tents with mat and sleeping bag, or in a hotel, hot and hearty breakfast each morning, dinners on the 26th and 28th, transfers to and from the tomato fight, experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem, beach games and a bloody mary the morning of the tomato fight!


Enter code ONEWORLD365 when booking on the Stoke Travel website to get free unlimited beer and sangria and a discount of €10 per day!


26th August:

  • Campsite open.
  • 8-10pm: Hot dinner is included

25th August:

  • 8am-10am: Tasty, hot breakfast is served
  • 8pm onwards: Foreplay party at the campsite kicks off with live bands and djs
  • 9:45pm: Bus leaves to water and wine fight (extra)
  • 3am: Bus returns to campsite

26th August:

  • 6am: Wake up!
  • 6am-7am: Tasty breakfast with Bloody Marys
  • 7am: Buses leaves for Tomato Fight
  • 10am: The crowd scrambles to reach a leg of ham balanced on a 5m high wooden pole, when someone reaches this ham, the tomato fight officially begins! 
  • 11am: If no one reach the ham before 11am a rocket is launched and trucks carring tonnes and tonnes of tomatoes are dumped throughout the street. Prepare yourself for about an hour of absolute carnage of throwing fleshy fruit at strangers, friends, family, locals and tourists a like. Following the fight we'll head back towards the buses. Remember to bring a spare change of clothes!
  • 2pm: Buses leaves to head back to camp
  • 2-8pm: Hot dinner included
  • 8pm: Buses head to Official La Tomatina After Party at a club with swimming pool!

27th August:

  • 2am: Buses return from La Tomatina Afterparty
  • 8-10am: Breakfast


  • Bus / Coach


  • Camping
  • Hotel


  • Breakfast

Tour Price

There are various packages available with different prices. Basic package includes: Welcome drink on arrival. Your offical La Tomatina Ticket Private transfers to and from the Tomato fight Open bar of unlimited beer and sangria open from 10:00 - 22:00 Sleep-in boutique camping accommodation. Pre-Pitched tent with mattress, sleeping bag, light and ear plugs. Access to all campsite facilities including pool, laundry and restaurant and it’s only a 5 min walk from the beach. Hot breakfast spread with smashed avo every morning. 8:00 - 11:00 Coffee and tea station. Access to hot showers free of charge Festival info & tips

Start Dates

August 25-27, 2020. Tomato fight is on August 26

Booking / Enquiry

Stoke Travel La Tomatina Reviews


Literally loved every part of it. Out stay was chilled, and with loads of new people it was nice to play games and have a few drinks. The tomato fight was amazing. The fight itself was intens, there were allot of people. But it was superfun to get dirty with eachother and to continue the party afterwards on the campsite.

Would definetly book again.

By: Ylva
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 21

I'd definitely do it again!

One of my girlfriends had heard about the La Tomatina festival and booked us in with Stoke. It was definitely and experience! Booze all day everyday and everyone we met were so friendly. There were a few hiccups but the staff pulled through. If i were to attend another event, I'd definitely look into Stoke again!

By: Primae
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

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