The North Korea Trip

Company : The Dragon Trip
Activities: Adventure Holidays / Tours
Location : North Korea
Duration: < 1 week to < 1 week
Approx Costs: 500 to 1000 £ Pound (UK)
Tour Code : TDT NK 6

The Dragon Trip's tour of North Korea enables intrepid to discover the world's most secretive nation.

North Korea is the final frontier in world travel for many people. The 'DPRK', as it's officially called, is a destination that even die-hard solo travellers will join an organized tour to catch a glimpse of. It's so rooted in mystery, untouched by globalization and mired in world headlines that this Cold-War relic is one of the world's ultimate adventures.


DAY 1 - Meet your tour leader in Beijing, to collect your visa and head to the airport to fly to DPRK’s Capital, Pyongyang. Take in your first glimpses of the hermit Kingdom, and enjoy a tour of the Arch of Triumph and Kim Il Sung Square.

DAY 2 – Head to Kaesong and check out the fascinating Koryo museum with over a thousand relics from the Koryo period. Enjoy a taste of Korean local cuisine at the Tongil Restaurant before wandering in Janam Park and over Sonjuk Bridge. We will also visit the tomb of King Kongmin before returning for an evening stay in Pyongyang.

DAY 3 - See the Mansudae Grand Monument. These are two giant statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il that stand proudly over the city. You will then hop on the Pyongyang metro alongside local commuters to the Juche Tower and imagine life as a North Korean citizen. Ascend the Juche Tower and take in the aerial views over the city- a great chance to grab some incredible photos.

Have a break from sight seeing in the afternoon with a visit to the bowling alley, shooting range, Kaeson funfair and see an art performance.

DAY 4 - Visit the Kumsusan Memorial Palace of the Sun; the Mausoleum of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, before visiting the Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery. Both sights offer a real insight into way North Koreans see their leaders. Grab some unique souvenirs at the Foreign Language Bookshop before driving out to the countryside. Hike through the Manpok Valley for views of Mt Myohyang and stay in a nearby hotel.

DAY 5 - Visit the International Friendship Exhibition; a massive hall containing gifts to the DPRK’s leaders from around the world. See the Buddhist Pohyon before returning to Pyongyang. In the afternoon, visit the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and step abroad the USS Pueblo, the American Spy Ship captured by the North Koreans in 1968. Call in at the Mansudae Art Studio to look at or even purchase some North Korean art, before enjoying a few cold ones at a local micro brewery. Enjoy a farewell dinner at a barbecued duck restaurant and say goodbye to your local guides.

DAY 6 - Take in the last sights and sounds of Pyongyang before returning to the airport to fly back to Beijing


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Included: Return from Beijing to Pyongyang, visa, guiding, activities, transport, meals, drinks and all activities Not included: Souvenirs

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