Mega European

Company : Topdeck Travel
Duration: 6 weeks to 6 weeks
Approx Costs: 3000+ to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

49 Days, London to London. Visiting 20 countries. This is MEGA.

Introducing the heavyweight champion of Europe trips. Uncover this magnificent continent in all its glory as you spend seven fabulous weeks soaking up all the culture, cuisine, history and nightlife that you can handle. Experience the grand old capitals of Western Europe, the artistic allure and excitement of some incredible cities, and the beauty of the re-emerging Balkans. This is the Europe experience of a lifetime, and you’ll never want it to end. Seriously.



  • Day 1: London, England to Paris, France
  • Day 2: Paris
  • Day 3: Paris to Bordeaux
  • Day 4: Bordeaux to San Sebastian, Spain
  • Day 5: San Sebastian to Barcelona, Spain
  • Day 6: Barcelona
  • Day 7: Barcelona to French Riviera, France
  • Day 8: French Riviera including Monaco visit
  • Day 9: French Riviera to Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  • Day 10: Swiss Alps
  • Day 11: Swiss Alps to Venice, Italy
  • Day 12: Venice
  • Day 13: Venice to Florence
  • Day 14: Florence to Rome
  • Day 15: Rome including Vatican City visit
  • Day 16: Rome to Sailing in Greece via Overnight Ferry
  • Day 17: Sailing in Greece
  • Day 18: Sailing in Greece
  • Day 19: Sailing in Greece
  • Day 20: Sailing in Greece to Athens
  • Day 21: Athens to Mykonos
  • Day 22: Mykonos
  • Day 23: Mykonos
  • Day 24: Mykonos to Santorini
  • Day 25: Santorini
  • Day 26: Santorini to Athens
  • Day 27: Athens
  • Day 28: Athens to Meteora
  • Day 29: Meteora to Tirana, Albania
  • Day 30: Tirana to Dubrovnik, Croatia via Budva, Montenegro
  • Day 31: Dubrovnik
  • Day 32: Dubrovnik
  • Day 33: Dubrovnik to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Day 34: Sarajevo to Belgrade, Serbia
  • Day 35: Belgrade to Budapest, Hungary
  • Day 36: Budapest
  • Day 37: Budapest to Vienna, Austria via Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Day 38: Vienna to Krakow, Poland
  • Day 39: Krakow
  • Day 40: Krakow to Prague, Czech Republic
  • Day 41: Prague
  • Day 42: Prague to Berlin, Germany
  • Day 43: Berlin
  • Day 44: Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Day 45: Copenhagen
  • Day 46: Copenhagen to Hamburg, Germany
  • Day 47: Hamburg to Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Day 48: Amsterdam
  • Day 49: Amsterdam to London, England


Trip Specifics

  • Group Size: Maximum 48
  • Transport: Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi, including powerpoints for charging electronics.
  • Price: From £3703

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Topdeck Travel Mega European Reviews

Best Experiences Of My Life

I have traveled on a few tours around Europe and this was one of my favourites. Included in the trip were all accommodation, most meals, and all transportation costs. You also have a tour guide, bus driver, and on road chef with you for the full duration of your trip so you are fully supported for the full length of your tour.

My advice to anyone contemplating travelling alone is to try one of these tours. It’s a great confidence booster and well worth the money you pay. It was hassle free as all the important things were taken care of, and it also meant I was seeing all the main attractions at each destination but still having the opportunity to do my own exploring and finding hidden treasures of my own.

By: Karyn
Nationality: British
Age: 21

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