Jobs in South America

We get a lot of enquiries from English speakers seeking jobs in South America and the good news is there are opportunities throughout the continent. Working in some industries like construction, engineering and mining can be very difficult but there are positions in areas like tourism, hotels, hospitality and teaching. 


Jobs for Foreigners & English Speakers in South America

Search jobs and recruiters in South America who hire foreign staff and also information about work permits and eligibility.

Work in South America


Jobs in South America

South America is an incredible destination to work. There are lots of different jobs available in a wide range of industries and where you go really depends on your nationality, eligibility, experience and interests. Although most countries in this continent are developing there are still jobs available for internationals and foreign English speaking workers. Whether you are a student, graduate or just seeking a fresh career change in a new culture and working environment we have job opportunities for you. 


FInd Jobs By Country


Popular Jobs in South America by Industry Sector

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Business, Banking, Financial services & Insurance
  • Construction, Architecture & Property
  • Languages
  • Education, Childcare & Teaching
  • Engineering, Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Management
  • Healthcare
  • Holiday, Seasonal, Summer & Winter Jobs
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marine Biology
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Ngo & Charity Work
  • Project Management & Public Sector
  • Publishing, Media & Creative Arts
  • Sales
  • Social, Voluntary & Vocational
  • Summer Camps
  • Travel & Tourism


Freelance Jobs in South America

You could work freelance in South America via the internet. You will get to enjoy the local lifestyle whilst getting paid in a different currency which might help you enjoy a better quality of life.


Jobs for Students & Graduates in South America

If you are currently studying and looking for a temporary job, or if you have graduated and would like to work in South America then there are a few options available. We highly recommend taking a TEFL course and teach English in South America. If you would like to get practical hands on experience check out our internships in South America. One more option you might not have considered is to join a volunteering program in South America which although are unpaid are a great way to meet new professional contacts and have a lot of fun.


Backpacker Jobs in South America

Find short term jobs for travellers on our directory.


Visa, Work Permits & Requirements

You will need to apply for a work visa to legally work in most South American countries. Just turning up with the hope of finding work is pretty difficult. Some hostels and companies offer cash in hand jobs to travellers which might appeal if you are backing in the country or want to stay a little longer.

It is not advised to work illegally in the continent. Most jobs to foreigners do not require you to know any of the local languages but we highly recommend learning at least some basic words and phrases. Getting to grips with either Spanish or Portuguese will really boost your employment prospects.



Wages really depends on the role, company and your experience. You will get paid more for an expatriate salary rather than a local one. 


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If you are a recruiter seeking to hire international staff in South America please contact us.


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