Learn Chinese in X'ian

Xi'an is the former capital of China and is a popular city to study in. You can expect an city ancient with palaces, temples and the world-famous Terracotta Warriors which make this one of the most visited cities in the whole of China. 


Chinese Language Courses in X'ian

Find Mandarin language courses from the best Chinese language schools in X'ian.

Learn Chinese in X'ian

Book a Chinese Language Couses in Xi'an

You will get to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the your new surroundings which are more relaxed compared to other cities in the country. There are several local Chinese language course providers operating in Xi'an and courses can be arranged year round. Xi'an is also a great city to learn Chinese in China on a budget, prices for language courses here are cheaper than Beijing and Shanghai. Xi'an is located Centrally around a 12 hour train ride from Beijing and Shanghai, you can also catch a plane.



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