Learn Spanish in Argentina

Learn Spanish in Argentina

If you are looking to study Spanish we highly recommend learning in Argentina. This is an amazing destination to experience and by studying Spanish here you will be able to integrate into the society and learn more about the country and culture. 


Spanish Language Courses in Argentina

Find Spanish language study abroad programs from the best language schools in Argentina.

A Guide to Learning Spanish in Argentina

Argentina offers so much and you will enjoy the experience of your life learning Spanish here. Spanish schools Argentina are some of the best in South America. They accommodate all levels of students – from those who can only order beer in Spanish to those who want to be better than conversational – and the school you choose will help you decide which of their locations will be best for your current abilities and goals. In that way, the Spanish schools Argentina has are also home to some of the most flexible Spanish immersion programs around.

Argentina has plenty to do while learning the language, and is a safe and friendly country to visit. It is also quite affordable. Buenos Aires, in particular, has incredible cuisine and a vibrant entertainment scene. Be sure to catch a futbol game and learn the tango while you are there. Enroll in one of the Spanish Schools Argentina has to offer if you want to combine a visit to an amazing part of the world with the improvement of your Spanish-speaking skills.

The language schools in Argentina we have listed offer a personal approach to acquiring Spanish through total cultural immersion. There are Spanish courses all year round and you can apply to join any time. You can book in advance for next year or register your interest now for more information. We recommend applying early as sometimes spaces can fill up quick especially in popular locations in the country.


Best Places to Study Spanish in Argentina

You can find language schools throughout Argentina, most schools are located in the larger cities.


Types of Courses 

There are beginners and advanced courses avilable to join all year round including: 

  • Intensive group courses for beginners and intermediate levels
  • Inmersión
  • Private/Individual classes
  • Combo classes 


Combination Spanish + Music/Dance Courses 

There is the option to combine Spanish lessons with Tango classes. Learning Tango is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local culture while learning Spanish. What to expect: During your Tango lessons, you will be taught basic dance steps by a highly trained and experienced Tango professor.

Through formal instruction and dance floor practice, instructors will cover traditional steps as well as the latest improvisational techniques, allowing students to choose their favourite and giving both beginner and advanced students room to grow. All classes are bi-lingual in order to ensure practical experience with the Spanish language, however, the teacher does speak English for those students who need guidance.

By booking combo Spanish and tango lessons in Argentina, you will undoubtedly not only have the opportunity to improve your language skills and also gain an insider perspective on Porteño language and culture.


Discounted / Free Spanish Courses in Argentina

Throughout the year there are ocassionaly special offers on course prices. Long-term discounts are available when classes are booked with more than one person. Sometimes if you book as two or three people or more you might get a 10-25% discount on the total price. Some language schools in Argentina will also give you free 1 hour Spanish language lessons if you get a friend or someone else signed up. 


Visa & Requirements

You can study in Argentina on a tourist visa which is provided on arrival and lasts 90 days, this is for most Nationalities. For longer stays you can apply for a visa extension or a student visa with your local Argentinian consulate or embassy, sometimes a letter from your language school might be required. If you are looking to work as a Spanish teacher in Argentina you will need to apply for a specific work visa. You can sign up to study Spanish in Argentina through our website, please view our featured language schools, lessons and programs below.



  • Host Family
  • Shared apartment / Apartment
  • Student Residence/Family Residence
  • Private Accommodation

General Cost

  • 1 week - $210.00
  • 2 weeks - $420.00
  • 3 weeks - $630.00
  • 4 weeks - $840.00
  • Extra day - $30.00


Help / Advice

If you need any help arranging a Spanish course in Argentina please get in touch. You might also like to view all of our Spanish courses in South America.



If you have ever joined a Spanish course in Argentina and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us.


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