Travelling, Backpacking & Gap Years in Lebanon

Travelling, Backpacking & Gap Years in Lebanon

Looking for an alternative destination to travel? Consider Lebanon. This country is a fantastic off the beaten track place to spend a holiday or gap year and it is a lot safer than you might think. You might be surprised to learn but you can even go skiing in Lebanon and there is also amazing nightlife!


Lebanon Travel Ideas, Gap Year Programs & Experiences

Travel to Lebanon

  • Capital: Beirut
  • Currency: Lebanese pound

You might not think it, but Lebanon is a spectacular country to visit. It has mountains where you can go skiing, lush valleys, buslting cities and a diverse mix of people who make up the population. 

Get inspiration for the best things to do if you would like to go travelling, backpacking or take a gap year in Lebanon. You will get to experience a new culture, eat tasty food and also get to explore the region.


Best Places to Visit in Lebanon

  • Beirut
  • Baalbek
  • Byblos
  • Zaarour
  • Chekka
  • Bsharri
  • Tripoli
  • Zahlé
  • Tannourine
  • Rashaya
  • Baskinta
  • Saida
  • Nahr Ibrahim
  • Tyre
  • Miziara
  • Deir al Qamar
  • Jounieh