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Find organisations who offer volunteer opportunities and tours in Liberia. This country was once ravaged by war but it is now looking forward to a peaceful future, Liberia is now one of our top tips for becoming one of the best authentic holiday destinations in Africa. Places of interest you might want to visit include Monrovia, Ce Ce beach and Providence Island. Expect a really authentic experience, there are some local tours available whilst there are also volunteering opportunities available with NGO's and charities working to help local people. Search our gap year and volunteer opportunities today.


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Liberia Travel Guide

  • Capital: Monrovia
  • Currency: Liberian dollar (LRD)
  • Country Size: 111,370 km2
  • Population: 3,042,000 (approx)
  • Language: English + 20 local languages



Map of Liberia



Guide to Volunteering in Liberia

Liberia is definately off the beaten track when it comes to worldwide volunteer destinations. Large international charities and volunteer organisations like Peace Corps, Red Cross and the UN have been operating for a number of years in the country to improve living conditions and infrastructure.



Location of Programs

Most placements can be joined in the capital - Monrovia but there are also local projects located throughout the country and in really rural areas.



Types of Projects Available

Most programs have a focus on community development and education. Popular placements include working in schools or outreach centres helping children. If you have any skills like medicine and heathcare these are deseratly needed in Liberia where you will be put to work in hosptials and community centres. A lot of placements are unskilled so anyone is welcome to apply.



How to Apply

You can search organisations who offer programs in Liberia above. Usually there is no fee to volunteer in Liberia although most organisations will require you to pay for your own airfare, vaccines and health insurance. You might also be required to fundraise for a charitable donation. If you would like more options you can view all of our volunteering programs in Africa.



What to Expect

Volunteering in Liberia will be a life changing experience, lots of international organisations offer group missions to help make a difference on the ground. When in country you will have experienced local staff to help guide you through the journey, you will learn a lot about local people, the culture and the history of the country. Liberia is a developing country and living/working conditions can be rustic - you will need to be aware of this before applying.