Zanzibar Travel, Backpacking & Gap Year Guide

Zanzibar Travel, Backpacking & Gap Year Guide

Zanzibar is a very exotic destination located off the coast of Tanzania. Thousands of people visit Zanzibar every year and it is easy to see why, this is one of the most spectacular islands in the world with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters where you can see soft corals, schools of exotic fish plus thousands of other marine species.


Activities, Trips, Tours & Volunteer Programs in Zanzibar

Get inspiration for the best things to do if you would like to travel, work, volunteer, teach or take a gap year in Zanzibar.

Travel to Zanzibar

Known as the majectic spice island you will fall in love with Zanzibar especially when you meet local people and sample the fresh local food. 

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  • Population: 1,000,000 (approx)
  • Area: 2,650 km²
  • Capital: Zanzibar City


Gap Year in Zanzibar

Explore islands, learn more about the people and relax and enjoy the surroundings. You can explore the old towns, relax on beaches or join longer trips through mainland Africa passing through nearby countries.

Most placements will require you to be aged 18 and over, be in good health, have a positive / flexible attitude and be open to living in a destination which might not be like anywhere you have living or experienced before. Accommodation is usually shared with other international participants and you will you will usually need to pay a fee to participate depending on the program.


Zanzibar Travel Tips

How to Get to Zanzibar: 
Most international visitors catch a ferry from Tanzania or fly into Zanzibar International Airport (airport code ZNZ).

Health & Safety:
Zanzibar is generally a very safe destination to visit, most local people are extemely friendly and will be very happy when they learn you are there helping. There have been issolated incidents in recent years where some international visitors have had issues but as long as you follow local staff advice you should enjoy a relaxed experience. You will need to drink lots of water and wear sun cream, this destination is very hot and sunny all year round.