Volunteer in Greece

Volunteer in Greece

Experience spectacular locations, meet new people and do something rewarding by joining a volunteering project in Greece. There are summer and year round opportunities where you can help animals, communities and the environment.


Volunteer Programs in Greece

Find free, low cost & structured volunteering projects in Greece and the Greek Islands.

A Guide to Volunteering in Greece

If you are looking to volunteer in Europe then we highly recommend Greece as a potential destination. Working as a volunteer in Greece is a great way to do something rewarding, meet new people and also make a difference. View more information and get inspired to apply today.


Popular Places to Apply

You can find volunteer projects throughout mainland Greece and the Greek Islands.

Popular places to volunteer include:


How You Can Help

Below you can get a taste for the opportunities on offer...

Community Volunteer Programs in Greece

Greece has been through a difficult period recently with economic problems, mass un-employment, low wages and as a result living standards and communities have been badly affected.

Since the introduction of austerity measures public spending has been cut meaning basic services are lacking, this is where you can apply and play a role in helping people currently and working towards creating a better future. Greece has a modern healthcare system which is struggling to cope, a lot of members of the public are relying on free clinic sessions. There are skilled and non-skilled placements available for you to help. You could also sign up for group building and construction projects in locations like Athens. 

If you have an interest in improving education and teaching your skills and time will be greatly appreciated too, teachers in Greece are severely under-paid and assistance is needed for international participants to help out. Young people have been most affected by the problems facing Greece but you can work alongside local people who work for local and international organisations aiming to improve the situation.

There are educational options including teaching English in Greece. Some placements are in remote community villages where you can work helping people and providing assistance and support.


Conservation Projects & Volunteer with Animals in Greece

Neglected animals need help, since the problems have happens lots of animals have been abandoned to live on the streets and you could help at an animal shelter where assistance is desperately needed. If you are after a more relaxing holiday where you can live in a spectacular setting you could volunteer to help horses, dolphins or sea turtles and live on the stunning coast.

Some projects are located in Lakonikos Bay, Peloponnese which is where a lot of loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean lay their eggs. You can play a key role in helping protect the turtles from poaches and human activity with daily walks, research and awareness. There are also projects helping dolphins.

You can apply to join summer work camps in Greece helping conservation efforts, projects usually take place in remote areas of Greece in co-operation with forestry departments, local authorities and cultural associations. Intercultural exchanges and conservation work allow young people to contribute to a hosting community.

A lot of opportunities are offer as part of European Voluntary Service (EVS). Projects can include nature conservation (forest-fire protection, tree-planting, footpath maintenance, construction and placement of signs), cultural heritage (restoration of traditional buildings, ancient cobbled-stone footpaths and help in archaeological digs) or social benefit (restoration of school buildings, construction of playgrounds). Work is usually 5 - 6 hours/day, 6 days/week.



  • Join Dates: Summer & all year round
  • Age: Min. 16.
  • Eligibility & Requirements: No previous skills or experience is required but you will need to be energetic and flexible. Apply early for summer volunteer programs because this time of the year is peak tourism season and places can full up quick. Most organisations will require you to be aged 18-30 years old, some might also need you to be from an EU country but most programs are open to all Nationalities. Use our search to find international and local organisations which are helping to improve all aspects of Greece.
  • Skills Required: No particular skills are required. Experience and qualifications related to the environment are welcome but not essential.
  • Language: English
  • Accommodation: Facilities can be modest. Hosting is usually in schools and community or youth centres. Volunteers sometimes need to bring along a sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Household chores can be involved.
  • Cost: Depends on the placement


How to Apply

You'll need enthusiasm and an interest in the protection of animals and the environment to volunteer abroad in Greece. Sometimes work is physically demanding and you must be prepared to work under hot summer conditions on a daily basis so please be aware of this. No particular qualifications are needed. Training is provided on site and most volunteers are able to complete duties with minimum supervision within a week.

You will you usually need to pay a fee to participate on some programs, this usually includes:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Field training & equipment
  • Pre-departure support
  • 24 hour emergency phone
  • 24 hour in country support

You can search our featured projects and apply for this amazing opportunity. There are also lots of free and low cost volunteering programs available in Greece, you will need to apply direct to local NGO's and charities. You will usually need to cover your transport, meals and accommodation. 


Greece Volunteer Reviews

Have you ever been to volunteer in Greece? Would you like to share your experience or review a project/organisation? Contact us today.

"I went to Nea Makri on the Greek coastline to clean beaches, watch for forest fires and meet new people. I did all this and more. I discovered Greece and Greek people in a non-tourist way. I met people from across the globe and found that despite language difficulties it is possible to put people from different cultures together and they will make friends and enjoy themselves". - Hannah volunteered in Nea Makri

"I will definitely do it again next summer , it was an unforgettable two weeks" - Aliya volunteered in Athens