Volunteer in Mexico

Volunteer in Mexico

Millions of tourists visit Mexico every year and if you would like to do something rewarding search our featured volunteering projects where you can help communities, conservation efforts and wildlife. 


Volunteer Programs in Mexico

Find summer and year round free, low cost and structured volunteer programs in Mexico.

A Guide to Volunteering in Mexico

Volunteer Work in Mexico

There are a wide selection of volunteering programs open to international participants. Combination experiences are available where you can mix sightseeing with helping local communities along the way - these trips are very popular so you will need to book well in advance. Mexico is the perfect destination if you would like to enjoy a beautiful destination and give back. Tourism is a huge industry and participating here can seem a little less daunting than volunteering in Guatemala.

There are so many volunteering projects in Mexico you really need to decide where you would like to go and what type of project you would enjoy. When participating this is a great way to meet people from all over the world, this is a popular expat and retiree destination and there is usually a blend of internationals in organisations. We have a selection of free and low cost volunteer programs and rewarding volunteer vacations in Mexico. Search programs and apply today.


Top Reasons to Apply

During your time in Mexico, you’ll gain fantastic knowledge and hands on experience helping incredible charities and local organisations. You’ll learn so much including:

  • Gain experience combining sustainable tourism and volunteering
  • Enjoy the thrill of making a difference
  • See exotic wildlife
  • Make a great first step towards your career in practical conservation
  • Make a lasting one-off contribution to the preservation of endangered species
  • Experience local cultures first hand
  • Explore the picturesque islands and also get to join tours and sightseeing in your spare time
  • Have time off every day to relax and unwind during your volunteer post
  • Gain lifelong friends with people from around around the world


Location of Projects

There are opportunities throughout the country but most organisations offer programs in:

  • Cancun
  • Cuernavaca
  • Guadalajara
  • Mexico City 
  • Monterrey
  • Oaxaca
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Puebla
  • Tulum


Types of Volunteer Programs in Mexico

Find rewarding volunteer opportunities with animals, childcare, community development, conservation, environment, construction, renovation, education, teaching, sports, medical, health & more.


Community Development Programs in Mexico

There is extreme poverty and lots of communities needing assistance. You can find local and international organisations, NGO's and non-profits working hard to improve living standards, infrastructure and development. Most projects in Mexico focus on helping people and communities, around 10 - 15% of the population live below the poverty line whils public services are not as advance as other countries. A large number of women in Mexico suffer from domestic violence and gender inequality but there are empowerment programs aiming to improve this situation by giving help, support and training. 

Other projects can include improving the lives of people in poverty and also helping street children. Care and orphanage work in Mexico is a popular choice and a very rewarding way to make a direct difference. Local institutions in Mexico are very underfunded and this is why people are needed to help.


Childcare, Educational & Teaching Programs 

You could help teach in a place like Cancun or Mexico City and there are lots of programs you can join. Class rooms in Mexico are usually overcrowded and lacking basic facilities but you can help local teachers and help children and youngsters have a better future. Working on educational programs is a great way to travel and learn Spanish in Mexico or improve your language skills.


Animal & Wildlife Conservation Projects

Mexico is a naturally beautiful destination but due to increased tourism and buildings being constructed this has had a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. You can help eco systems monitoring and researching flora and fauna, coral reefs and also helping animals. One of the most popular programs we have on our website is helping marine and sea turtle efforts. You will get to live near the coast and tasks can include doing beach clean ups, creating research information, monitoring turtle numbers, educating local communities, preventing poaching and also releasing baby turtles into the ocean. On some projects you will also get go scuba diving!


Medical Volunteer Programs in Mexico

There are various clinics and outreach projects working with remote communities providing attention to people in need. A lot of doctors in Mexico have trained in the United States and so you should have easy communication but a lot of organisations will require you to have a good level of Spanish as a local of people in Mexico do not speak English. If you have an previous skills or already work in this area this is really beneficial. If you don't have any previous skills you will be able to help with general tasks and awareness initiatives.


Summer Volunteer Programs in Mexico

Summer volunteer trips in Mexico are a great way to spend your break doing something meaningful. These programs are very popular with students on their summer break and so be sure to book in advance to secure a spot as places can fill up quick.



To apply you will need to be aged 18+ although there are also summer shorter trips for 16 and 17 year olds. Basic Spanish will come in helpful but for most organisations this is not a specific requirement. If you are keen to improve your language skills check our Spanish language study programs in Central America

You will need to be adaptable to a new culture, be in good health and also have a positive / friendly manor, experience is only needed if you join skilled medical / professional voluntary work placements. This destination is popular with Americans seeking volunteer vacations in Mexico due to the close proximity of the countries but people from all around the world participate every year.


How to Apply

Potential volunteers in Mexico can apply to join programs every month throughout the year, our Mexico volunteer directory is free to use and you can apply or request more information today. Most placements we offer form part of a structured experience where you will need to pay a joining fee, this includes placements before departure, airport transfers, training, in-country support, meals and accommodation. If you need any help arranging a volunteer placement in Mexico please get in touch.


Free & Low Cost Volunteer Opportunities in Mexico

Various NGO's, local non-profits and charities offer free and low cost placements but you might still need to give a donation, cover the cost of flights and your transport to a project. Some Spanish language schools in Mexico will make arrangements for volunteer opportunities free of charge to people who are taking 4 or more weeks of Spanish classes. If a student who is enrolled in less than 4 weeks of Spanish class wishes to volunteer, there is a nominal fee to cover the costs of making the arrangements.


Mexico Volunteer Reviews & Testimonials

If you have ever volunteered in Mexico and would like to write about your experience, review an organisation or share any recommendations please contact us.

"We went our to organise a sports festival for young disabled kids but ended up working with drug and alcohol addicts in a rehabilitation home – on the last day playing bongos and chatting with the residents it was hard not to cry as they thanked us for making a difference in their lives. One addict said ‘it may have just been another days work for all of you but for us it is a day we will never forget – the day people from all over the world cared enough to listen to our stories”. Wow! We also arranged a breakdance contest, attended by hundreds of breakdancers from all over Mexico. As we frisked the dancers on entry (for spray cans) and welcomed top djs to the underground car park where the event took place. We all realised we were entering into a subculture we had never known existed. Through my project I met some amazing people and really managed to experience Mexican culture as I was welcomed into peoples’ homes and lives freely. I loved every minute of it. ‘In case of emergency’, breakdance!’ - Jeannine joined a social project in Mexico with Concordia International Volunteers